Xbox 360 Now Cheaper Than Wii In UK

With no ending in sight to Microsoft's denials of any future Xbox 360 price cut, retailers from the United Kingdom decided to take matters into their own hands and offer their customers what Microsoft wouldn't: cheaper Xbox 360s. Way cheaper! As reported by several websites over the last couple of days, including Gamasutra, some UK retailers have initiated an unexpected, unseasonal, and unofficial series of price cuts for the Xbox 360, as well as for the old PlayStation 2.

In particular, the "Core" package of Microsoft's next-gen console is currently enjoying the most consistent promotions, with price cuts of up to £50 (€75 / $98). So instead of the suggested retail price of £199.99 ($390), the Core Xbox 360 is now being sold for £149.99 ($292) in some places. As a side-effect, this means that Microsoft's console is now actually cheaper than Nintendo's Wii, priced at £179.99 ($351), despite it packing way more computing power.

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DJ4316d ago

Coupled with the 3 million unit reduction in shipment figures (and only 3 million units sold in Europe after 15 months) things don't look so bright for the 360 over there.

TheMART4316d ago

OMG why do you get yourself on the same level als PS3 Fan (you mean you are like the fans inside of the PS3 right? Those that will stop working soon), Juevani and those other mindless Sony droids???

Give the link where it says 3 million sold in EUrope up till now.

THis is the info I have.

11 million units of the 360 sold so far. In USA how many, 6 million or so? THe other 5 million will mainly be sold in Europe I guess.

Furthermore, how many PS3's are sold world wide after about 3.5 months??? just over 1.4 million OMG DJ see those low numbers dude

Plus, why is it that nobody buys game for their PS3? 1.5 attach rate @ launch, where the 360 had 4.5 games per unit sold @ launch

What's that dude? Why does your precious piece of overexpensive betablurayplayer meet up the hype?

Sphinx4316d ago

You crack me up. M$ isn't losing money on the 360s like Sony is losing on the PS3. They can afford to sell them less. This isn't bad for M$, this is bad for Sony. Why buy a PS3 for twice as much (a system that has less games I might add, and a lesser online service, etc), when the 360 looks so good over there for the right price?
No offense, DJ, but you're either really, really stupid to think this is in some way bad for the 360 and good for the PS3, or you just very much enjoy twisting every story into anti-Xbox360 propoganda. I used to think it was the propoganda, now I'm not so sure. How old are you?

Tut4316d ago

Mart, all he said was it wasn't selling well and it would be irresponsible to say otherwise. If stores have to take a hit and cut prices themselves and lower profits for themselves then yeah I would say that is a really bad sign.

By the way, I like how you consistently compare the PS3's current rate of sale to the XBox360's. If that isn't insecurity I don't know what is. In case you can't read well or your anger overcomes all sense of reason (like I assume it does the majority of the time) DJ did not compare anything to the PS3, so get off it.

If you want to compare then please, enlighten me again on all of the territories that the XBox360 is available for purchase without port, then do the same with the PS3.

Stop crying so damn much, you make your country look bad.

Marty83704316d ago

Sales of X360's have slowed alot in the Uk.And there are trade-in's galore as gamer's trade up to PS3.

Sphinx4316d ago

it is February. Jand and Feb are always slower. Also, a lot of people are waiting to see the PS3 for themselves before making a decision. That doesn't mean everyone is trading in their 360s for a PS3.
Take my older brother for example. He didn't buy his 360 until after the PS3 came out, and he saw how void it was of quality games, and a quality online system. Sure, it will get better, but he made up his mind. Now he has a blast getting his a$$ whooped in Madden, GOW, R6:LV, or whatever by yours truly.

Daytona4316d ago

Wherever either of you are, there's going to be a pile of stinking sh*t.

Your inferior ps3 is underselling your old ps2 still, you did know that, right?

Go take a bath, b/c you both just plain stink.

PS360PCROCKS4316d ago

really dj? how many has the ps3 sold? your so stupid and petty sometimes. It's amazing that the first two commenting on an xbox story are two blatant sony fans. Some of you on this website are so sad, you act like if sony or microsoft doesn't sell x amount of machines it's somehow directly going to affect you.

"That's just funny. Coupled with the 3 million unit reduction in shipment figures" no the fact that 360 is half the price of the PS3 over their is what's funny...oh and just so you know, lower prices means it's easier for people to buy them, people buy them and their sales go up, it's called business. Microsoft seems to be damn good at it too if their making money right now while Sony is losing what $200 a machine? DJ have you prayed to the Sony gods yet today? No? Oh, well guess you better go get down on your knees huh?

PS360PCROCKS4316d ago

Oh yea almost forgot with this price you can almost buy three xbox 360 core machines for the price of one 60 GB ps3, wow what a bargain

ER1X4316d ago

You'll probably need all 3 of those considering they fail so much. ;-) left the door open for that one. Just a little ball bustin' harm intended. :-)

caffman4315d ago

if its anything like the PS2, you'll need 4! I have never had any faults with my xbox but I'm on my 3rd PS2.

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