Gaming on the Cheap: It CAN Be Done

Allan Bowden-Smith muses:

"Let's make no mistake about it; gaming is an expensive hobby. Especially in your teenage years when you're too young to get a real job, but you just keep eyeing up that used 360 in the window (naive of the RRoD problems, granted), and then woefully looking into your wallet. So, here's my top five tips to get you into the hobby of gaming at a knock down price.

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bgrundman3617d ago

Cheap gaming is definitely possible when you use trading services like Goozex. It has saved me bundles!

killyourfm3617d ago

Yea, Goozex needs to be added this article, good suggestion!

CrAppleton3617d ago

Yeah it does! They have tons of games up for trade

SaiyanFury3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Haha this article has a lot of truth to it. Back when I was in my teens gaming on the original PS I had to wait for new games until Christmas or my birthday simply because I didn't have the means to come up with the scratch on my own. I laughed most at number 4 just because it's so out there. Why go to all that hassle just to save a few bucks. In my opinion, it's just not worth it especially if you just get that pre-printed, "Sorry we can't help you letter".

Kaecyus3616d ago


The few extra pounds saved, I can agree with. But when it's £30 saving (like in the example I posted), you push it all the way to the top.

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bgrundman3617d ago

If you want an even cheaper option, just buy Wii games, they are a dime a dozen anyway :p

CrAppleton3617d ago

LOL.. True.. PSP games seem to be pretty cheap as well

Neco5123617d ago

psp games arent cheap, ive seen them for 40 or 50 bucks even

killyourfm3617d ago

@Neco512: NEVER buy used PSP games - and if they're $40 you're probably paying the Square/Enix

kingme713616d ago

Online rental like Gamefly is a good option if you play often enough. $20.00/month to get 2 games out at a time. If you can play roughly a game a week, then it is $5.00/game. They also have a reasonable "keep it" price. The other plus to a rental service is you play games you only had a passing interest in and wouldn't have bought anyway, or you can go the try before you buy route too.

IdleLeeSiuLung3616d ago

Only problem with gamefly is it takes almost a week to get a game to you. It's not exactly netflix in my experience.... sigh.

kingme713616d ago

Gamefly has opened up more regional shipping locations. I get my games as quickly as I get my Netflix movies now. Strangely enough, I sent both a Netflix and a Gamefly back the same day and got the next Gamefly in a day earlier. They have improved considerably, but that will also depend on your proximity to a shipping location. Plus, I'm usually busy with the other game they sent so not too big a deal.

IdleLeeSiuLung3616d ago

Kingme, I live in northern California and it took them 6 days from the day I shipped to I received the game. Shipped on Monday, get a game back on Saturday.

For me, that was nowhere near Netflix. I send out a movie on Monday, on Wednesday my next movie arrives most of the time. I guess everybody's experience is different, but I don't have any faith in gamefly at the moment.

flakko3616d ago

theres also a little website called:

^^^very nice.

killyourfm3616d ago

@Flakko: Yep, it's in the article under reader-submitted suggestions. Definitely deserves more than a nod as that site consistently delivers awesome content and good up the minute info.

Revvin3616d ago

Agree with most of the article except the first one. With the 360's notorious reliabilty problem who would want to take the risk? With hardware I'd rather buy new every time even on more reliable brands like the PS3 and Wii. You get the warranty and feel safe in the knowledge that nobody has mistreated it before you try to use it. With prices tumbling (especially the 360) I just don't see the point.

Kaecyus3616d ago

Some places like Blockbuster give you a six-month guarantee on second-hand hardware. You just have to make sure you know what you're getting for your money.

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