The Technology Behind an Inauguration

PriestBeast writes, "CNN and other news stations also employed the use of cameras on long boom structures to reach out over the crowd and look up and down. Many times they would show off by cutting to a camera further back in the crowd only to zoom almost completely right up to Obama. It's amazing what video camera's can do, especially the high definition ones that they must have deployed for an event such as this..."

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CrAppleton3615d ago

It is quite amazing what they can do these days

bgrundman3615d ago

To facilitate that many people is no small feat.

Neco5123615d ago

it sure isnt, did you see how many people were there?!

Maddens Raiders3615d ago

deployed for the inauguration. I cannot even begin to conceive what the Secret Service, FBI, CIA and everyone involved in security were using that day. They had cars prohibited a long ways from the inauguration site to make sure nothing happened, and they all communicated during the ceremony to make sure nothing went wrong. My thanks goes out to them and my best wishes go out to President Obama. Bring us into the future with safety and prosperity.

- well said

bgrundman3615d ago

Did you see the size of the temporary screen they were displaying the proceedings on for the people that were far away? It was gigantic!

killyourfm3615d ago

Haha, I thought it was hilarious when I tuned into to a speech he gave at one of the balls, and the camera was shaking like there was an earthquake. CNN couldn't afford a tripod?

bgrundman3615d ago

They do what they can on short notice I guess.

Neco5123615d ago

you would still think that they had something better

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bgrundman3615d ago

It is pretty funny that they had to bring in temporary cell towers though. I never would have seen a problem like that coming...

CrAppleton3615d ago

You would think they would have every angle covered before hand.. but in any case.. They still managed to get the job done

Neco5123615d ago

cool what they have done

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