IGN: The Lost and Damned, 12-20 Hours

The Lost and Damned to take anywhere from 12-20 hours to complete. And that's just the single-player story. For $20 (1,600 MSP), L&D offers a full-fledged campaign, new locations, new mini-games (arm wrestling!), refined gameplay mechanics, new vehicles, new weapons, a hefty new soundtrack, new DJs, new TV shows, new Internet sites, and new multiplayer. One thing's for certain: Rockstar isn't dicking around with horse armor.

GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned is looking like one of the best deals around. You're essentially getting a full game for just 20 bucks. While we haven't been given any details on the multiplayer, we're told it's as robust an offering as the single-player. Oh, and if you've noticed L&D listed for sale at a retail outlet such as GameStop, know that this is not a disc. It's just a card with a code you can enter on Xbox Live to download the DLC.

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Blademask3610d ago

This sounds like more SA/what was missing from GTA4. Rockstar already got 60 bucks for a full terrible game from me though.

Time Lord3610d ago

Thank you very much, but i don't need/want it.

AAACE53610d ago

I have been going back and forth on if I want to buy this or not and so far I am leaning towards NO! But then again, I keep thinking about some of those MS points I got for X-mas and didn't use yet... so I don't know!

cito35th3610d ago

do you smell that? the smell of 360s being FRIED trying to play this lol
no, im DONE with GTA, give me my killzone2, socom, gears2, fable2 and im done

chaosatom3610d ago

I mean GTAiv was near like 20 hours or 25 hours with the story. And 100 hours if they do it 100%, which no one does.

IF the mechanics of the game, or story mission are unchanged, then it's not going to be worth it.

Montrealien3610d ago

Typical GTA article response on n4g. The vocal minority coming to comment on how they don`t care about the game, all the while 100`s of thousands of people still play it on a weekly basis and have no clue what n4g is.

/On topic

I`ll be checking this out, seems like a good value. might even even make me dust of my copy of GTA 4.

FantasyStar3610d ago

You sir, deserve bubbles. I'll check it out myself and see if the $20 is worth it after I finish Fallout 3.

Jikla3610d ago

It comes to this or the fallout 3 dlc. But since I'm not done with either of theese games I must wait till I'm done with those games.

BRG90003610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Bubbles from me too Montrealien. I don't know why it's so "cool" to knock GTA4 on this site. It's not a flawless game by any means, but it's a real accomplishment in story, setting, and arguably in gameplay, very substantial, and pretty darn fun.

I was wondering if the DLC would be worth the $20, but now I'm really looking forward to it. This is obviously no ploy to pry money out of the pocket of the consumer who just sees GTA and forks over cash. It's a legitimate expansion to the game.

Maybe by dissing one of the biggest, most successful, and arguably best games of the generation people think they're showing that they have higher standards than the rest of us clods who actually enjoy the good games, so what they say must be SRS BZNS.

dachiefsman3610d ago

agreed. While GTA4 didn't blow my mind, I still had a great time playing it. at 20 bucks 12-20 hours is a deal to me considering some games at 60 bucks are ~10 hours.

Faggol3610d ago

my bro just bought an xbox yesterday........looks like i got some new GTAIV catching up to do

Joey Greco RULES3610d ago

this is gonna be some good DLC.

this still isnt as good as the baked goods i consumed this morning.

Dread3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

the reason people in n4g hate on GTA4 is because

1. it went multiplat. which still makes sackboys furious

2. the DLC is exclusive to the 360 which (see part 1)

i for one am going to play the @#$% out of this puppy.

I would also like to point out that people here could not stop criticizing ms for buying this DLC saying that it was going to be very short and irrelevant. 12-20 hours is fantastic for a DLC regardless of what platform you pray to. Even if it was only 12 hours is still freaking great and much longer than most games this generation. So please sop the ridiculous fanboy, sackboy, sony defense force, nonsense and try to be a gamer and recognize that this is not that bad. I know it is hard.. maybe this will help killzone 2 is awesome yeyyy!!!!


Blademask3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

1. The camp that has been gaming since before this generation, who knows GTA4 was an epic failure that failed to improve upon the formula set by previous GTA's, was overhyped, and didn't deliver.

2. The 360 fanboy camp that will defend anything till the end of time.

GTA4 sucked directly compared to San Andreas. You can pretend its fun to drive your cousin around for the 12349th time, and have nothing to do in an empty city after you've done what there is to do (in a few hours). But the rest of us who aren't sole 360 owners, dont have to pretend. The online is meh, the SP is meh, and the sandbox style do-anything is degraded from previous GTAs. The only thing people like about GTA4:

1. Driving physics (lol what?)
2. The "deep" storyline (This is GTA we are talking about right? The same GTA that just 'lifts' its stories from movies? Bash in heads, have sex with prostitutes?)
3. The People falling physics.

Yeah that sounds like an amazing title right there. Thats EXACTLY what GTA has always been about. Driving and a deep storyline. Please.

Play Saints Row2 and lie to me about GTA is a better G A M E than it. GTA4 is garbage. Due to the majority of features being removed for 4.Don't try to make GTA4 a 360 specific issue, because it isn't. The game sucked, anyone without MS blinders on can see this.

Dread3610d ago


perhaps GT4 was not as good as San Andreas, but it did not suck. Perhaps u were disappointed with the end result and perhaps it was a bit overhyped, but come on the game did not suck.


BRG90003610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

What does 360 fanboyism have to do with it AT ALL? It's a multiplatform game. You failed to actually discuss the merits of the game and posted about a thousand words of weak "everyone who's not a 360 fanboy knows ______" arguments, which hold no value.

Do you even know that GTA:SA went multiplatform too (it was a timed exclusive)? You talk like only the Sony elite (and no one who owned a PS2 would possibly be stupid enough to buy a 360) experienced the holy grail of San Andreas, and thus understand how terrible GTA4 is. I, for one, own every non-handheld GTA game and fully disagree.

Your post is a baseless mess of unfounded critisms blended with insults to the generic pool of "360 fanboys". All you've succeeded to do is show that you're one of the people Dread was talking about right above your post, and your post just serves to support his.

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Graphics Whore3610d ago

Anywhere between 12-20 hours? There's a lot of discrepancy in that value.

Nathan Drake3610d ago

They really mean it's 8hrs long.

I remember people saying "Gears of War 2 is like 12 hours man!",I finished the game in under 7.

Mindboggle3610d ago

It probably means 8 hours story and 4-12 hours free roaming.

Bubble Buddy3610d ago

How about if you take the cab? 5 hours? Kidding :P. I just sold GTA4 to my friend who wanted it so I can get new games :D. Got bored of that game way too fast >.>

crck3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I finished it at 35 hrs. Sure I could have maybe spend 65 more hours looking for pigeons but I consider that more like torture not gameplay. If they are advertising 12-20 its probably more like 6-8 hours.

Rambo3610d ago

All we want is for our country to love us, as much as we love it.

militant073610d ago

I completed GTA IV on 22 hrs.

i just load game everytime i lost and no free roam becasue i wanted to get the achievement and i though the game was longer.

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Lord Xire3610d ago

A game you play as a different character besides Niko Bellic with a different story been included in the original game...

That would have been ass backwards.

Homicide3610d ago

Thats pretty reasonable. Ratchet & Clank Future: Q4B was only 4 hours and cost $15. Heavenly sword was 5 hours and costs $60

Graphics Whore3610d ago

Oh I wanna play this game too!

Gears of War was 4 hours and costs $60!

Homicide3610d ago

And it had online play. Fail!

Xbots play games3610d ago

AT LEAST GEARS OF WAR didn't have to lie for MONTHS AND MONTHS about having co-op!

Figboy3610d ago

second playthrough took about 8 ( i was unlocking everything).

third playthough took about 5 (i just wanted to beat it again, because it's a fun game).

this whole, "Heavenly Sword is 5 hours long" thing is silly, and not true.

sure, if you rush through ANY game you can beat it in 5 hours or less, but just because a REVIEWER, a guy paid to review many games in a deadline, says a game can be beaten quickly doesn't mean every gamer will experience the same thing.

regardless of length, if a game is enjoyable, you will probably go back to it and play it again. i enjoyed the combat of games like Heavenly Sword and Assassin's Creed, so i played them well beyond beating their story modes.

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