Splinter Cell Conviction remains 360 exclusive

Speaking during a conference call following the company's third-quarter financial report, Ubisoft has re-confirmed that Splinter Cell Conviction will be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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360 man3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Great for myself and other 360 fans

but not smart as a buisness move

outlawlife3406d ago

why is it not a smart business move?

if the game turns out to be good it could potentially move some hardware

i also find it odd that your original comment was "why!!" but now it is "Great for myself and other 360 fans"

Caxtus7503406d ago

I think he means a bad business move for Ubisoft who may lose PS3 revenue. For all we know, MS paied Ubisoft though so that could cover it.

Homicide3406d ago

PS3 owners don't buy games here in the States. Look at the latest NPD data. Can't wait for this. MGS4 disappointed me in so many ways.

Blademask3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

exclusively on my PC hooked up to my tv/controlpad/surround sound/in a higher resolution/with better textures & graphics, like L4D, Mass Effect, and Alan wake.



Whoever disagreed with me, Lemme know why? I shouldn't play exclusive PC games like Alan Wake/Left4Dead/MassEffect/Gear s Of War exclusively on my PC? But you can play it exclusively on the 360? Hmm.

chaosatom3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

To cover it's Ps3 losses.

Also are they planning on making these a 2010 title
" 12-month period starting April 1, 2009" I think it might end up being a 2010, unless they can pull it off in the Christmas period time which depends on what they show at E3.

poopsack3406d ago

Its ok, it satisfied a couple million others.

Killjoy30003406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Ubisoft won't make any profit off of Microsoft moving hardware (If that game is even worth it, which seems like it's not.)And 360 man, how is the game staying exclusive to 360 help you enjoy the game any more than if it hadn't stayed exclusive? Do you think of rights of exclusivity while playing games? While I'm playing MGS4, I don't think "Yay it's exclusive yay!!"

I hate when people use this, but in this case it's completely neccessary.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

outlawlife3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

i was referring to business as in MS securing exclusives, not ubi

and it doesn't help me enjoy it more, but relating back to business, exclusive titles attract buyers, if somebody is looking for a new splinter cell game then it comes down to it only being on 360 which could influence their decision

the comment did not have anything to do with my taste for the game, or choice of system it was merely a statement of fact and influence of exclusive titles

i do wish to thank you for attempting to insult me just because you didn't understand my comment

gijose3406d ago

won't move hardware.

maybe it's more that they've been working on this game for a long time, based on the 360, so to move it to PS3 would delay it more etc. or they could have been paid.

probably will be a timed exclusive!

shovelbum3406d ago

Exclusive or not, give me a day and not a year.

Why dis3406d ago

Why would it be any other way? the devs said it was exclusive long time ago.

At the very start the future of the game was up in the air and the devs in no time said they were going with MSFT. The game is built for the 360 from the ground up. This will be one of the best looking games this generation most likely the best looking game in 2009 or Alan Wake

Solidsnakex233406d ago

but I might try this out on my 360... sad that I wont be able to try this out on my PS3... oh well, ITS GREAT TO BE A GAMER AND NOT A FANBOI!!!

Anon19743406d ago

I lost interest after the second. Was the last one any good? I'm finding there's nothing really blowing my skirt up in terms of exclusives for the 360 in 2009 and I need something to look forward to. How was the storey in the last one?

RemmM3406d ago

Why would Splinter Cell need to BE on PS3? PS3 doesn't need it and besides, Splinter Cell was first thought by X Box fans that it would be better than the MGS series. It greatly failed.

mcgrawgamer3406d ago

double agent is decent I'm playing it now. it's not a chaos theory, but the team that made chaos theory is making this one so I'm hoping it's at least on CT's level. If you have any doubts I hope they'll release a demo for you to try out,

The Lazy One3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

the second one had the best multiplayer. I'm really hoping they can get back to the charm of that one. I think they've made multiplayer levels a little bit too open as they are now.

Also, yes, the last one was pretty good. Not super great, but pretty good.

edit: at below. A little known fact about ubisoft outselling the first half of fiscal 2008. The period, which goes from the start of april till the end of september, had one multiplatform game released for the xbox 360 and one multiplat shortly before april.

That same time period Haze was released. so you have 3 games for PS3, and 2 games for 360. Surprisingly, 360 had a little more than 2/3s the sales during that period.

Also, both ubisoft and EA both reported revenue not profit from both, and profit is a far more important number.


3406d ago
Killjoy30003405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

If you read my comment a bit more thoroughly, you'd see in the second half I was clearly talking to 360 man, not you. Wanna take your time or do you just jump the gun on everything? Now I know why I stopped posting here, because everyone is so damn defensive. CALM DOWN lol.

I'm aware of the good it would do for Microsoft, but what wold it do for Ubisoft? Absolutely nothing. They'd most likely make more of a profit off of a multi-plat release.

I'd like to thank you though for failing at making me look like what you have just proven yourself to be, an idiot. You clearly cannot seem to understand anything from a buisness perspective, so just go play games.

The Lazy One3405d ago

of the three games released for 360 or PS3 in Q1 and Q2 2008, none sold over a million, and both multiplats were outsold nearly 2:1 on the 360.

Just putting, "its not a smart business move for ubisoft as even their own financial reports show they make more money from the ps3 than the 360," in context.

phosphor1123405d ago

Obviously MS is holding onto this one as much as they can. Which is a huge bummer for me and other PS3 only owners.

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panasonic233406d ago

yes i can't splinter cell is awesome but come ubisoft should go multi their splinter cell fans that only have ps3 come on ubisoft o well thank god i own both systems.

Aclay3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Anyone that has just a PS3 can still play Splinter Cell Conviction because it's coming out on the PC. All I have to do is download that lastest PS3 controller driver, plug my Dualshock 3 to my laptop, and I'm on my way.

With so many 360 "exclusives" come out on the PC, you almost don't even need a 360 (Left 4 Dead, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell Conviction, and it looks like Fable 2 might make it's way to PC too.)

Kushan3406d ago

You just need to make sure you have a PC powerful enough to play it. That's kinda the point of console games, so you don't have to.

outlawlife3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

if pc is such a threat to the 360 then why do games only sell a fraction of what the sell on 360 on the pc platform?

uniform hardware, that is why, a lot of people (myself included) grew tired of fiddling with hardware every time they wanted to play a new pc game

with 360 you don't need x amount of ram, a video card capable of this or that, you don't need to download drivers, you won't have soundcard conflicts, or have to play on a low detail setting because your textures arent showing right

the reason 360 exclusives come out on pc is because there is no real porting process, no major developments costs incurred by the developer so the pc is basically an extra stream of revenue

where as to port a game to the ps3 you need time, and effort, and possibly outside help to get everything running the same on the ps3 finicky chipset

i stopped bothering with pc games around 2002, and haven't really looked back, all it was doing was costing me money where as with a console you buy it once and all the games will work for it

Rick James3406d ago

I am willing to bet that the videocard to run this game optimally on a PC costs more than buying a 360. The logic of PS3 owners on N4G is flawed.

Yes you can get the game for the PC. But how much did that PC cost you? What are the specs? Would you rather play a game on a 15-24 inch screen or a 32-60 inch screen? Yes I know you can run a cable from your PC to your HDTV. Yes I know that PC's have surpassed the specs in both the PS3 and 360. But at what cost?

If I understand you correctly. All you need to do is buy a PC for around a $1000.00 - $2000.00 USD In addition to the $400.00 - $600.00 USD you spent on your PS3 so you can play this game and throw it in the face of 360 owners?

Go ahead and configure a PC on Dells website that will run this game better than the 360 will. Let me know how that works out for you. Boy, you showed them AclayPS3.

Solidsnakex233406d ago

with computer gaming most likely if u played or have crysis u are pretty much set for most of the games you are planning to get on pc. I myself do not play games on PC, but this is what I think people are trying to point out when they are saying they will play this game on PC.

Rick James3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I hear what you are saying. But my point is that a PC that is optimized for gaming had to cost a substantial amount of money at some point. For people to just dismiss a 360 exclusive because you can also play it on the PC is a bit asinine.

I have a 4 year old Dell PC with a P4 3.0 ghz, 1GB of RAM, and a low end Nvidia Geforce 7300LE videocard. The thing cost me a little over a $1000.00 when I bought it. For the amount of money it would take me to either upgrade my PC to handle Crysis optimally, or replace it with a gaming optimized PC, I could buy at least 3-5 Xbox 360s minimum.

I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers. But I dont understand why people diss a console exclusive on the 360 just because it gets ported to the PC. It only makes sense for these game developers to maximize thier profits by reaching out to as many customers as possible. Plus the cost of porting between PC and 360 is alot less than porting from 360 to the PS3 or PS3 to the PC thanks to the XNA development tools.

Edit: I gave you a bubble for giving me a well thought out response instead of the 3 disagrees I recieved for my earlier comment that had no explanation. Thank you.

Solidsnakex233405d ago

I do not understand neither. I hate when ppl have to dis a game cause they don't own that particular system as well. I'm all about console gaming. Me being that I own both systems, I really don't care which system it comes out on. I get to enjoy games on both of them so it really doesn't matter. I do understand what you are saying and bubbles for you as well.

tda-danny3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

People dismiss it because the fact that xbox 360 "exclusives" are not actually exclusive. PC parts are super cheap these days, and running these games on the PC's lowest setting still looks better than consols most fo the time. Fallout3 for example.

Also, to the guy who said that xbox game sales dominate PC games... We only know the fraction of PC games that are bought in stores. Services like Stream, etc. are not included in those sales figures, and if you say those sales are insignificant, than you fail. Its no doubt xbox games outsell PC games, but the margin is not as high as NDP 'stats' indicate.

kewlkat0073405d ago

I remember when Unreal Tourny came out on the PS3, NOBODY mention the best version will still be the PC version....haha

I just don't get the logic...

I guess you don't have to buy 360 if the game will be on the PC but some will go as far as spending $2000 to avoid touching a 360. Whatever is justified, I guess.

I mostly a console gamer now and thats why I own all 3. There is enough Exclusives to warrant owning all the consoles.

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u got owned3406d ago

Good i need some exclusives for my X360.

Gaidrius3406d ago

Excuse me? You "need" more exclusives on your 360? What a load of crap. Every gamer knows that the 360 has had the most exclusives this generation (the Wii doesn't count). Also, every game developer knows that going multiplatform is much more profitable, so how much do you think the 360 really "needs" exclusive titles?

Why dis3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Did you see the blown up screen of Alan Wake from this PC with the 360 dev kit?
Photo real best looking game I'v ever seen.

GUNS N SWORDS3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

it would be even nicer if ubi could show some new pics on SCC.

BLUR1113405d ago

of course they are not going to put it on the PS3 NOBODY WILL BUY IT.

Mr PS33406d ago

I Thought they Scraped this Crap
After they saw MGS4
Nevermind its only a Xbox Game
The Expectations are not as High on the 360