Free Bomb Mission For MGO Online

GamersDigest Writes;

Available on January 27th, All-New Mission Enhances MGO Experience By Requiring Players to Eliminate the Defending Team, Protect the Base, and Plant Bombs to Destroy the Defending Team Stronghold.

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TheDuke773585d ago

Anyone still playing this game? I stopped when the expansions came out, due to the fact you cant buy them from PSN

HDgamer3585d ago

Loads of people playing this game and I they did have a survey about the expansion packs, they may change it to the psn.

TheDuke773585d ago

That would be awesome if they did that. This game is super fun, jsut limited when you dont have the expansions.

himdeel3585d ago

...change it to PSN. I'd like to play MGO more but it's really a pain trying to get into this game as a new player. Especially when you can wait a long time for match ups :( I get totally owned when I prance into a match with people above my really takes the fun out of the game for me.


Made it to complicated to log on. The whole konami registration thing blows and it turn a lot of people away .