StarCraft II Q&A by Blizzard - Batch no 48

After a long time, a new Q&A batch is released by Karune, the Community Manager of StarCraft II.

Karune promises a load of new artwork for all kinds of units' deaths, and new macromanagement features in multiplayer. He also answers questions about map-making, help for the colour-blind in the game, multi-monitor support, "caster" units, Xel'Naga artefacts, Zealot charge ability and map-makers ability to make their maps official content.

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Maticus3408d ago

There won't be many more of these if the beta is coming soon!

Leord3408d ago

Good point. I wonder if they will continue to make them during the closed Beta. They might embargo players and just release info through the batches? o.O

SCFreelancer3408d ago

Never thought I would say this, but I hope not!... except if more means they continue the series after the launch for the other chapters!

Leord3408d ago

I'm really happy to hear more about map-making at the very least!

Leord3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Yeah, lots of buzz about it lately!

4 Major things in just 4 days:

Win Starcraft II BETA keys !!!

Calm Before the (Beta) Storm?

Rumour: StarCraft II Beta in March

StarCraft II Beta Release Date

SCFreelancer3408d ago

@Leord, yea expect for this QA, it would be nice to finally get a date to look forward to :)

Medievaldragon3408d ago

Map Makers and modding community are going to be very happy

Leord3408d ago

I'll be waiting to see what wonderful things we'll see out of that community after release! =)

theCHUNK3408d ago

I don't know why they don't spend a bit more time answering some of the more interesting questions with regard to the editor. Surely one of the things they are working on at this point is making the custom content tools - yet we've hardly heard anything with respect to what the editor can do for a year now. Being able to change weather and having the option to get melee maps selected for ladder aren't particularly interesting questions... but all the promise is that the editor is going to be awesome.

I can't imagine that the issue is that no one is asking interesting questions, yet we still don't even know if there will be things like items and unit inventories in the single-player mode, do we?

Leord3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Perhaps they don't have answers yet =P

Besides, they already said we could use weather in a previous interview or QA batch!

Actually, they have also said item inventories will be available. Look out for a massive article on it at

theCHUNK3408d ago

Well, if they don't have those answers yet, they can't be all that far along with respect to releasing a finished product. I mean, they must know the base language being used and *something* about the campaign map and editor - considering that that is exactly how they actually make the campaigns.

They developed the WC3 World Editor while making their own campaigns and they used it to develop their campaigns for WC3... so if we are to believe they are making the Human Campaign as we speak, how else could they be making it if not with the very tools we are asking questions about, right?

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