This Is Where Sony's Sales Are "Lower Than Expected"

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes:

"As we've already heard tonight, Sony expect to make less money from their games division, thanks to lower than predicted sales. But just where are sales lower than expected?

Let's take a look. As you can see on the right, although software sales for the financial year will be down, Sony had already predicted lower sales before the economic crisis really hit its straps. So they're not to blame. Hardware sales are."

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rucky3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I see that every bias journalists out there are using sales to downplay Sony now that they're running out of anti-Sony ammos like "PS3 no games" and "Multiplats on PS3 are gimped".

Darkseider3614d ago

Actually. The graph shows steady sales for the PS3 and an increase in sales of PS3 software. The redeuced sales were the PS2 and PSP by 1 million hardware units each and it will also show that software sales for both the PS2 and PSP were down. The PS3 is actually posting strong YoY numbers in both hardware and software.

T-Baggins3614d ago

Don't tell Kotaku that they might remove the article.

FrankenLife3613d ago

I just don't want to read another cry baby article about how another 360 of theirs died. When you buy hardware built by a software company who has a hard time making properly functioning software, what do you expect?

Soon there will be an anti ps3 article complaining that too many good games are coming out and they can't be expected to play them all. Not to mention the games have 7.1 sound, and they don't have a 7.1 system.

Karum3614d ago

They're on course to hit the predicted 10m PS3's and only trimmed the sales expectations for the PSP and PS2 by 1 million units, that doesn't seem all that horrible, especially for the PS2. I mean an 8 year old console selling 8m units when people could just as easily buy one of the current gen consoles instead?

Considering the state of the economy it isn't all that horrible, at least it doesn't seem that way.