Massively: Checking in on Free Realms, just months away from Beta

Massively writes:

" Earlier this month we brought you impressions from visitors to the annual Consumer Electronics Show, folks who had the chance to see the few games at the show up-close and personal. One of the titles on display at the event was SOE's Free Realms, an ambitious free-to-play title Massively has been following quite closely since the site launched. We couldn't make it to CES this year, but we definitely wanted a chance to get caught up on all the latest developments behind this innovative title.

We were thrilled, then, to have the chance to speak to Laralyn McWilliams, the Creative Director for Free Realms. Ms. McWilliams was kind enough to lay out a number of improvements and changes to the game since we last saw it, and further clarified some of the interesting newfeatures demonstrated at CES. Join us as we talk about their Diablo-style combat, their deep pet system, the role of innovation in 'kiddie' games, and a bit about their extensive collections system. We'll even get a sense of when Beta for this novel project will begin! Read on through below the cut for the full details."

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