How to install Windows 7

Interested in installing Windows 7 but want to avoid headaches and potential pitfalls? Then read our guide on how to set up a dual-boot Vista/Windows 7 machine and migrate to a new PC.

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wibble3407d ago

How to install Windows 7:

Drill a small hole into your skull and pour a strong acid into it. You'll then find that all logic and reason will no longer prevent you from inserting the DVD into your drive.

Have a good day..

krauley3406d ago

windows 7 runs pretty stable for a beta build and should people want to try the dual boot thing to try it is smart because when beta is over or when there really to uninstall it all they have to do is delete partition.

user94220773407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )


Silvia0073406d ago

Time to upgrade that 486 my friend. =P

TheIneffableBob3407d ago

1) Put DVD in drive

2) Follow instructions

Silvia0073406d ago

Windows 7 couldn't be easier to install. I'm surprised they can make it so easy. Not like back in the day.

Finalfantasykid3405d ago

Nice tutorial. As much as I'd like to have Windows 7 beta though, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 instead :D