Sony, Microsoft Not Affected By Economic Recession

Not that noone is quite scared of the repercussions of such effects, but when you hear about Microsoft or Sony saying they're going to cut jobs, don't automatically sob for the gaming aspects. If you look closely, the gaming side of the ball is almost completely untouched for both Microsoft and Sony.

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BGDad3587d ago

How are they not affected? Anyone else love the fact that why they played this stupid game with Sony in the "console war" their entire company got undermined by google, openoffice, ubunutu, etc...

Micrsoft at this point better hope people take to WINDOWS 7 or else they will be screwed..

Tryst3587d ago

It doesn't make sense to cut in the Gaming Divisions. 2008 was the best gaming year on record. It is true, gaming industry is not really affected by the global downfall.