Supersonic Battle Cars European release delayed another week

PS3Fanboy writes: We expect the Europeans among you were quite looking forward to the release of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars this week. Unfortunately you've got another week to wait as the game has been suddenly delayed by SCEE until the 29th. A member of the development team has let us know, via the PSNation podcast blokes, that the release date "was changed at the last minute" and that it is "very frustrating since they confirmed the 22nd twice before we announced on our forums."

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PirateThom3406d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, SCEE!

fullmetal1563406d ago

europe stays getting played kinda hard to be a gamer out there with all those super delays

NobleRed3406d ago

This game sucks. I own it and it's rubbish. Stay away from this crap.