G&P Reviews The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Of the dozen video games bearing the title since 2002, nearly all of them have deferred not to JRR Tolkien's original novels but Peter Jackson's interpretative property. Canonical departures aside, those movies define the look of Middle Earth.

So Electronic Arts and developer Pandemic Studios enjoyed the cachet accompanying rights to the decade's majestic fantasy series with Lord of the Rings: Conquest, an action title patterned after Pandemic's popular adaptation of Lucas-lore, Star Wars Battlefront.

Pandemic's playful transposition of mythology to team skirmishes might have fit snugly with Jackson's literary illustration -- but does not. In Conquest, EA and Pandemic show little regard for the movies' vibrance, the genre's potential, or how the industry has evolved since 2005.

Reviewer: Michael Ubaldi

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