Killzone 2 <3's CoD4's perk system, decides to have one too


"Love it or hate it, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare started a whole new craze when it introduced "perks" to the series. A class system that brought multiplayer rewards might not be to the taste of some players, but I enjoyed it and I'm quite chuffed that it's coming to Killzone 2."

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shingo3615d ago

I think it's rather Team Fortress 2 :P

Nineball21123615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

I like it no matter where it came from! :-)

chaosatom3615d ago

unlocking Stuff in Multiplayer RPG style is the way to go.

Kleptic3615d ago

nope...Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the first fps to have a 'modern' class system...TF 1 had something like that too a few years before, and I guess tribes could have been called 'class based'...

but TF2 didn't really do a whole lot new...there were spys in RTCW, engineers...'heavies'...etc...

killzone 2 is the first to allow class sharing though...where you can mix and match abilities of every class...that is the only thing comparable to CoD the 'perks' in killzone 2 have nothing in common with crappy things like martyrdom and juggernaut (martyrdom is the blue turtle shell of first person fecking rewards you for sucking)

so what at first looks like 6 individual classes in killzone actually 36 individual characters you can doubt CoD 4 has more...but each ability in killzone 2 is far more useful than any single perk in cod...

joydestroy3615d ago

addictive game in the making!

GrieverSoul3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Either one or the other... ME LIKE!!! A looooottttt! XD

GrieverSoul3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Double post! o.O

Moderator, please delete this.

Viper73615d ago


"which unlocks the Engineer Badge, allowing you to earn the "Repair Specialist" distinction by fixing five vehicles. Earn that distinction eight times and you'll win a new ability, "Turret."

Nice to hear this as there was a bit of a problem with the turret emblem in beta. It was other way around in beta, but this setting makes much more sense.
way to go Guerilla :)

Kleptic3615d ago

yeah turrets were kind of broken in the beta...they were great for distracting people...but getting 5 kills in a round with one was almost impossible...

I'm a little torn on this one though...and this article says 'vehicles' maybe it was just a typo...but I like the gun emplacment/ammo box as a secondary ability...because I want to use it with a tactician or saboteur's primary ability...I would never put a turret ability up with either of in a way it would make engineers kind of pointless to me...unless they allow an engineer to carry something other than the shotgun...either assault rifle would be great, as the shotgun is useless on any larger map...

that is the only thing overall that sort of limits this class system imo...while it could be an issue of class balance...I would like to have tried the beta being able to share 2 primary abilities...rather than being forced to use a classes primary in slot 1, and another classes secondary in slot probably wouldn't have primary abilities justify your weapon being a scout and having a rocket launcher would be completely wrong on so many levels...but if there were ways to tweak it, I would like to have tried it...its still awesome the way it is now though...

uie4rhig3615d ago

is that it is the same, yet different..

doesn't make sense, but thats how i describe it :P

ExcelKnight3615d ago

Nobody seems to mention that this system was already implemented in the past of the Killzone series. Killzone: Liberation had such "perks" for single and multiplayer modes.

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-GametimeUK-3615d ago

Oh my gawd!... That actually looks suprisingly deep... wow I have been in the dark about this game for way too long lol... I like the perk system its a nice way to compliment your play style... I hope KZ2 impliments it well but I must admit it looks rather impressive

Pennywise3615d ago

IF you would of just read the previews instead of prancing around bashing the gameplay and complaining you dont like it and it is unproven, you would have known the MP is very deep. It has good game modes and plenty of perks.

This is my beef with you and everyone else that bashes. Investigate and play before you bash something you know absolutely nothing about.

3615d ago
Pennywise3615d ago

lol... your responses are so thoughtful and intelligent. I dont know why I bother.

lociefer3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

of course its deep , what ? u thought u were just gonna run around in a freak armor and a floatin gun shootin preteen aliens ? no

WaR_HaWk3615d ago

i just dont get it. Are u a XBOX fan or PS3 FAN?

Pennywise3615d ago

The only answer is he is Silogon. He is the only guy to piss me off like Gametime.

blackpanther253615d ago

wow pennywise you must really hate him. lol
He must have said something seriously wrong in past

-GametimeUK-3615d ago

@ War Hawk

I am a fan of all 3 consoles... But that doesnt stop me bashing all 3 of them when they deserve to be bashed... Oh and Penny I am not worthy enough to be mentioned in the same breath as him... He is awesome :-)

@ Blackpanther

Penny loves me really :-)

TheColbertinator3615d ago


Gametimeuk is a PS3 fan who plays Halo 3 regularly and his favorite game this gen is Super Mario Galaxy.Many of you don't realize it but he is actually a very unbiased gamer.

He is not jumping for joy at Killzone 2 but I do know that he is a fan of Resistance 2.

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DA_SHREDDER3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

It takes Ideas from both Team Fortress and COD4, but makes it one, and pretty much is in a league of its own when it comes to an upgrade system for its online. Also, lets not forget that the clan system in this game is second to none on consoles. This is by far the most awesome game Ive ever seen in my life yet.

sajj3163615d ago

Is that a problem? I don't get it. Emulate and make it better but always keep an eye out for innovative ideas. That's always been the business.

solidjun53615d ago

I mean, that's how the patent system works. Digital cameras wouldn't be what they are now, if Iventors didn't improve upon it.

But, I bet some stupid sites are going to knock KZ2 a peg for not introducing anything..."new".

sajj3163615d ago

I guess Destructoid aren't business types ... don't blame them but they need to start thinking macro level when it comes to the gaming business!

Bubble Buddy3615d ago

COD4's online was one of the best I have ever played. The balancing, weapons, and obviously how fun it is to play never lets up. Hopefully Killzone 2 can do the same and expand on it. Anyways Day 1 for me :)

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