How the Xbox and PS3 can take down the Wii

Downloadable games and content are the key...

The Nintendo Wii flew in the face of what we expected from next-gen gaming

Everybody loves an underdog - even when the underdog is a massively rich mega-corp with a track record of silly decisions.

In the early days of the current console generation, Nintendo was on a dangerous back-foot. Neither the N64 or the Gamecube had been the smash-hits the Japanese developer/publisher was accustomed to, and the console war had shifted to a cagey contest between Sony and Microsoft.

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meepmoopmeep3584d ago

the Wii is a monster



JhawkFootball063584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Microsoft: We dont need the PS3 to take down Wii, with our lineup of games, we are positive we can attract the core of the gaming audience.

They might be right!

PirateThom3584d ago

I doubt it, the 360 is priced cheaper than the Wii and has far better games and the Wii still outsells it 2:1 or more.

It's not about price and games, obviously. If it was, there's no reason why the 360 wouldn't be selling like the Wii.

Emmo3584d ago

The article forgot to mention that if MS bring out a 360 motion controller it would help,

I have heard rumors that EA are working on a Wii Fit type board too.

I believe the 360 will keep getting stronger with the casual crowd. I still doubt very much that it can catch the Wii.

ChickeyCantor3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

" We dont need the PS3 to take down Wii, with our lineup of games, we are positive we can attract the core of the gaming audience.

But thats the problem, cause it shows that the core gamers are in the minority

You are wrong.
The reason the 360 isn't selling more than the wii is simply due their marketing strategy. They havn't really told these people why they should get a 360.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3584d ago

I LAUGH . Only idiots would think the WII is next gen.....

Gr813584d ago

Of those Candy Ass companies can take down the Wii this gen. The Wii is just dominating. But keep thinking that they will make some miraculous come back. It's amusing to watch and read.

Maddens Raiders3584d ago

why the hell would Sony and Microsoft want to dominate kids, soccer moms, geriatric centers, and therapy clinics? Article makes no sense at all. 8D

N4g_null3584d ago

I wonder how many hardcore gamers are out there that are not living with their mom? I think that's the HD gen problem right there. Ken told them all to get jobs but none of them did. Now companies are shutting down. This is video games they are for kids and thank to nintendo they are for grown ups again. Thanks to the death of arcades the HD gen is looking at only selling to older kids that have college work to do and of course no job.

Gr813584d ago

Maybe because that's where the $'s At? ;) I'm sure those geratric clinics is what propelled Wii software sales to nearly double their competitors (combined) in 2008.