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Nathan Drake3561d ago

I heard this game sold better on Ps3,does anyone have the numbers?

DrRage773561d ago

i think i read somewhere that the ps3 version had sold about 100,000 more than the xbox360 not great sales on either platform. i expected it to sell alot higher on the ps3 though considering Tomb Raider was a hugely successful exclusive for playstation for a long time.

i am still going to pick this game up (on xbox360) cause i loved playing tomb raider back in the day on playstation

GrieverSoul3561d ago

Dude, want my advice? Rent it first or buy it online (for the lowest prices)! The game sucks!
Lots of bugs and lame aiming! If U have a PS3 and played UNCHARTED, u wont be able to play this game for more than 2 hours! Even though its short as hell! At least its my experience with the PS3 version, not sure the DLC in the X360 will add much more to it!

My 2 cents!

shine13963561d ago

I think a lot more ps3 users might have bought the game if the whole dlc thing wasn't aimed at the x360 audience. its off puting more then anything.
And uncharted probably had a big effect. naughty dog pretty much nailed the genre.

bassturd3561d ago

wouldn't buy this for the simple fact that they admitted to taking out content from the game to later sell as DLC. So knowing this as a fact, F THEM!

sajj3163561d ago

Exactly! This little dirty secret unraveled as the development folded under sales pressure.

UltimateIdiot9113561d ago

Yeah, the fact that part of the DLC was from the original game is going to burn Eidos and the fact for picking the wrong side (in terms of sales).

mcgrawgamer3561d ago

the game is trash. I didn't even bother after playing the demo. Once you play uncharted TR:U feels to be honest.

The Judderman3561d ago

Well i like Uncharted a lot but thought Underworld had much better level design and puzzles. Uncharted was more about the combat. Looking forward to the DLC.