Top 6 trash talking moments from Xbox 360 boss

The bosses for each of the Xbox 360 and PS3 have been bickering recently. However, in the grand scope of things the two console bosses are really fighting over an ant hill. We have enjoyed the many exploits of Aaron Greenberg over the year and have decided to relive those moments.

It really is quite refreshing to see some mud-slinging back and forth after Sony's deadening silence. It does sort of show that Sony execs really do have a backbone and know how to give a hard jab. This must be part of their New Years resolution to not get bullied around by Microsoft's constant belittlement.

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Potty Scotty3615d ago

Microsoft backs up their trash talking. Sony just Blatantly lies.

T-Baggins3615d ago

Holy sh!t your stupid, the day Microsoft tells the truth they'll go bankrupt. Sony might lie but not as bad a Microsh!t.