Laptopmag: Windows 7 (Beta) Review

Laptopmag Writes:

"In using Windows 7 as our primary platform for several days, we couldn't tell we were using a beta operating system, and we feel confident we could give up Vista and XP for the beta, without looking back. If you have the beta version, feel free to switch over now-unless long battery life is critical for you. If you're using Vista and it works well on your hardware, you may wonder if Windows 7's new features would justify paying for an upgrade. We can only say that the absence of hard drive–whirring background tasks and obnoxious tray icons is even more attractive than the presence of Jump Lists, preview thumbnails, or the friendlier way of displaying attached peripherals. Even though the final version of Windows 7 may not ship for 6 to 12 months, it's clear the operating system is ready to use today and should only get better as it approaches its release date."

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Powertesties3610d ago

I am currently running Windows 7 Beta 64bit and I am very impressed.
It detected all of my drivers and is stable. I have seen some problems but nothing that is a deal breaker.

I am sure those problems will be ironed out by the time the release comes about.

So the question is, upgrade from XP? From what I have seen so far, heck yes.

We will have to wait to get some official benchmarks and make the final call.

So far, MS, you are on the right path. Thank god!