The Halo Formula

360Evolved discusses what exactly has made the Halo franchise such an amazing success throughout the years.

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Capt CHAOS3612d ago

Halo 1 and 3 still have great replay values and the online on Halo 3 is superb. For me personally, I like the many weapons, the ability to get very tactical and also the great use of vehicles in the online.

JhawkFootball063612d ago

The people who buy it make the game where it is today

-GametimeUK-3612d ago

I actually agree... Halo is an amazing franchise and the replay value is amazing... I couldnt complain if someone was to say it was the best game this gen... heck of all time for that matter...

IQUITN4G3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I could agree with that

Although Halo3 was and still is a disappointment in terms of what i was expecting from the final chapter, i regularly play the campaign and it a better game mehanically than the first utterly brilliant game

And the more you play of it, the more immersed you become in this initially underwhelming campaign.It doesn't outdo the first game regards to how mysterious and epic it feels but favorite levels never tire if you turn scoring on and attempt a no deaths game

Multiplay is great of course but i'm more about the campaign and the endless fun you can have in it

ODST sounds intense and i hope Bungie give fans what a lot have been wanting now for a while - that E3 night time mombassa

So many FPS claim a great deal many things but so many only allow for a playthrough at most before you decide it's time to move onto either the multiplayer or a new game.Graphics are often also the biggest selling points for FPS but they are mostly all forgotten games unlike Halo

Halo1 remains my most fave of this series but closer inspection reveals less finess from combat compared to H3(as is to be be expected really)but cerainly H1 has the most truly believable setting i have ever encountered in a FPS and it does still play quite unlike any other fps - as indeed H3 does as well - people don't obviously understand why but this is of course one of the reasons it is loved

So long as games focus primarily on hollywood thrills and graphical superiority in FPS, there will always be games less advanced in the more crucial areas - not to say that any of the Halo games were bad looking of course

Certainly a couple of things i would change about H3, but it's a class above what just about all other fps games manage

Zelda was once the only franchise i would bang on to people about how great games could be but Halo's are just as equally satisfying and great

An eventual return of the king will be a glorious day when we finally see another chaptor of the Chief