Microsoft to cut 5,000 jobs

Microsoft has announced plans to cut up to 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months, with 1,400 effective immediately.

The company will be eliminating jobs in research and development, marketing, sales, finance, legal, human resources and informational technology,

In today's company earning report, Microsoft revealed that its profit in the second quarter had declined by 11 percent and, given the current market volatility, said that it would be unable to offer financial predictions for 2009.

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Pennywise3612d ago

OMG Xbox is doomed!!!!!!! lol

See guys, this recession is affecting all companies. Expect to hear about more losses over the next few months.

I really hope everything bounces back soon.

JhawkFootball063612d ago

No worrys, after this recession is over they will be hiring people again

Maddens Raiders3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

hey Jhawk football any other words of entertainment and enlightenment you want to share....or is your oxygen supply too low to think how unprecedented all of this is, what with your head being completely stuck up Microsoft's __________ and all?

This is a ((terible)) sign for the economy and if you don't know how rare something like this is for America's number one money maker, then you might want to go do some research and come up for air. *note* - i hope you're right and they do get out of this, but it will never be the same again after this.....things are changing in their sector at lightspeed with changes that will permanently change the landscape of it.

-GametimeUK-3612d ago

Pennywise open zone is over there >>>
MS is not doomed

meepmoopmeep3612d ago

yeah, wow, this sucks.
i wish those people the best

hopefully the economy gets better, and quick

Maddens Raiders3612d ago

he's joking around and said nothing harmful. Hell, what he said is downright pedestrian compared to how other people respond to some ((other)) console news on this site. Lighten up.

Pennywise3612d ago

Gametime - It was a sarcastic joke in response to all of the sony is doomed crap floating around.

If your brain could handle getting past the first sentence without trying to be the biggest hypocrite on this site, you would see what my point was.

You are one of the biggest trolls in the gaming zone... heck, on this site. So DONT even try to direct me to the open zone.
I know N4G's rules and I do not say things to ruffle peoples feathers like you. Back under the bridge and read a book on taking your own advice.

dredgewalker3612d ago

As much as i hate Microsoft i wont laugh at this kind of thing because its people we are talking about. Intel has already shut down a factory in my country along with 1,000 workers. Its a serious issue as the effects of the crisis is showing up around the world this year. Lets be sensible and responsible in these kinds of topics. Be thankful that the only problem most of you have is what games to purchase within the week and not how much savings do i have left in my bank account to take care of my family.

TheTwelve3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

...considering all the Sony-bashing from the American media in order to get hits to their websites. But this recession is real, and you all just better hope it doesn't hit close to your home.


Saigon3612d ago

they have so much money

SL1M DADDY3612d ago

You only posted what many of us gamers were thinking. I remember the day the Sony layoff's rolled out and how the MS fans were toting doom and gloom for the PS3 and now the tide is turning and showing us all that this is not a gaming thing, this is a world wide issue of recession. Nothing funny about it folks, people are losing their jobs. It's not funny now, and it sure wasn't funny when Sony went through it. A moment of silence for those who will be on the market for another job.

Sarcasm3612d ago

"A moment of silence for those who will be on the market for another job. "

Thanks. I was laid off last wednesday from my job of 3 years as a technician III. *Sniffles*

Good thing they're paying me severance.

Blademask3612d ago

Everyone here keeps a electron microscope on sony, whenever they do anything its huge news. Here you have MS also laying people off, and maybe thats exactly what some of you needed to hear. Spitting and laughing in the face of Sony/Ps3 fans is getting old.

Get back to gaming, the recession is affecting everyone. Unless you work for MS or Sony this shouldn't be good news, or bad news. Everyone knew this was going to happen. Because its happening to everyone.

But yet again, how about some of us Sony folks show some restraint. Pennywise said what needed to be said. Doesn't really need to go any further than that.

indyman77773612d ago

Liar! Why would xbox be doomed? Less expenses(because of job cuts), and more money does not spell doom. Wow if Microsoft is cutting (and they made a BIG profit by the way). I really feel for Sony. In fact Sony was suppose to lose 1.2 billion. Turns out, that was just sites fooling people by quoting a Euro instead of a USD (USA Dollar) it is more like 1.7 billion in American currency (I knew it was a something rotten in fantoyland). You can see the translation here: Not with the misleading N4G quote Microsoft on the other hand made 4 billion in PROFIT last quarter(rounded down). Not losing 1.7 billion like Sony the smaller company(financially).

Pennywise3612d ago

Thank you everyone for defending me and stating to the people whos head it went right over, why I said what I said. Bubbles for all of you!!

I refuse to put /s for sarcasm. If people dont get it, that is pretty sad.

uie4rhig3612d ago

YOU GOT TOLD OFF!! lol joking.. no seriously tho.. i wanted to do that joke lol .. but pennywise beat me to it.. owell..

anyway bubbles pennywise + agree ^^,


My uncle doesent work at microsoft anymore :( So no more FREE Xbox stuff for me until he gets a job back there (Someone else replaced him)

prowiew3612d ago

5000! Thats a lot employees. Not good at all. I feel sorry for all the people losing jobs. But at least MS report a profit. Sonys status is a little more worrisome since they already warn their investors of a 2.9 billion loss in the quarter. Thats a major loss. Anyway, since this is a gaming site, MS reports a 3% growth on xbox business, but they warn that xbox sales will decline through june.
To finish, im really looking forward to see nintendos earnings. Why oh why i sold my nintendo stocks! :(

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Genesis53612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

It's happening to everybody. EA,Sony,MS and alot of little developers are going under completely. It's going to be a tough 2009

40cal3612d ago

Sony and Microsoft so far today.

17.41 -1.97 (-10.19%) Jan 22 1:51pm ET

19.32 -3.26 (-14.44%) Jan 22 1:52pm ET

I am willing to be they both level off by the end of the day. 2009 should put them both up compared to 2008. Our global economy just sucks right now.

interrergator3612d ago

its gona take a long while

Gamekings3612d ago

It is because of global recession

I firmly believe OBAMA will change this though

anyway the world has already fallen to Indo-China domination. They have the highest reserves of forteign currencies and would rule the world for years to come

even almighty Toyota is posting barely any profit this fiscal ending March

GM/FORD are now bankrupt

Fishy Fingers3612d ago

Time to stop arguing over MS/Sony and start worrying about your own ass.

Pennywise3612d ago

Fishy, you always pull through with a good response.

I am working double and making less with this stupid recession. Keeping your head above water without losing it all is getting harder by the day.

AAACE53612d ago

It's about time someone sees the light! There are way too many important things going on to worry about pointless BS.

boodybandit3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

My wife just had her company (successful company for over 50 years) taken over by a larger company. Luckily she got to keep her job and she was told her division is safe. It would be the last to go if problems arise. Even still we have both made cuts back and are saving and investing more money now than ever. Just incase.

I know quite a few people that have lost their jobs due to the recession. It is real people. Bickering over the gaming companies having difficulty is not funny. People losing their jobs never is.

Sarcasm3612d ago

"I know quite a few people that have lost their jobs due to the recession"

Yup. My brother was laid off Q4 2008 at his job. Me and my fiance was laid off last wednesday (same company) from our job of 3 years.

It doesn't get any "realer" than that.

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