Stereoscopic 3D still sucks

The Tech report writes: "Some of you may have noticed a sort of 3D renaissance taking place recently in the entertainment industry. Such high-profile, quality releases as Beowulf and My Bloody Valentine 3D haven't been doing the movement a whole lot of favors, but James Cameron's next magnum opus-and first feature film since Titanic-is being filmed in 3D. All kinds of wacky stuff is being produced to play in 3D in IMAX theatres, as well. If you didn't know any better, you'd think this was some crazy new technology threatening to revolutionize entertainment. Especially if you're one of our younger readers, you may not be aware that this stuff already had its time, and guess what? It failed miserably.

This point is relevant because plenty of other firms are trying to get stereoscopic 3D going on your computer, too, including Nvidia with its GeForce 3D Vision. A kiosk I continually pass by at Fry's Electronics has a monitor tweaked for stereoscopic vision, too. All you have to do is put on these crazy 3D glasses and you, too, can enjoy Hellgate: London (yes, this really is one of the games they demo it with) in stereoscopic, questionable-quality 3D! Given how well it worked, I wouldn't pay five bucks for it, much less three figures."

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