8bitjoystick Review: Skate 2

8bitjoystick writes: "I was hella supa-stoked when I got my hands on Skate 2 for Xbox 360. This is the follow up to Electronic Arts Blackbox Studio's revolutionary skate boarding game that completely rebooted out expectations of what to expect from a video game about skating. EA is really showing their diversity and power with their new creative titles such as Mirror's Edge and Dead Space and while the first Skate game radically expanded digital fantasy skating simulations this game takes it to a whole new level of skill and polish. The changes are more revolutionary than a simple revision to a previous sports game.

I used to skate when I was in High-school back in the day and so I am no stranger to Thrasher magazine and I used to get together with my friends and wax the rails on the steps in front of the big Mormon church in Richland WA. My friends in high-school skated on broken bones and we used to hunt for underground parking garages that were free of snow so we could skate during winter. We used to watch skateboarding videos and we used to tell the various Rent-a-cop security guards that chased us away that we were the names of our favorite skaters when they wanted to contact our parents. This may be published by the same folks that make Madden and just about every other sports game on the planet but damn it, this game is special to me. This game made me want to reconnect with skateboarding. I have not skated in over a decade but I am thinking about getting a deck and skating at the public skate park in town."

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TIKUP3406d ago

ok i was thinking about getting this game because i loved the first one
and this review just about confirms that i will get this

Shmapanese3406d ago

it deserves every bit of the 100 score they gave it :):):):)