Killzone 2: Understanding the Helghast

Sure, the Helghast try to kill you on sight, dress like a Nazi nightmare from the future and have scary red eyes, but they're not all bad. In fact, VidoeGamer would go as far as to say they're misunderstood. All they need is a charm offensive, to help improve their image, like.

Cue's Understanding The Helghast feature, where they take a closer look at what makes Killzone 2's bad guys tick and go in-depth on their home planet of Helghan. Why? Because even murderous interplanetary invaders have feelings.

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Ghoul3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I understand theyre troubled. So i offer a helping hand and will release everyone of theyre pain, just get in front of my sight.

damn i cant wait

Kratos2153586d ago

I am LMAO. You sir get a bubble

lociefer3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

after reading the story 2 weeks earlier i kept wondering why are we on ISA side ? i mean the helghasts got kicked of their home planet first and dragged into this miserable thing they call helghan, and they were trying to reclaim their old planet (killzone1) now we are exterminating them xD , but w/eeeeee , gonna kill the shlt outta em when i get the game :D

RebornSpy3586d ago

Hopefully they'll take advantage of this in the game. I wasn't too fond of Killzone 1's story, though I am intrigued by the universe as a whole.

hay3586d ago

Helghans are cool, I prefer them from the very beginning.

Powertesties3586d ago

If I see that they are trying to understand me, I will try to understand them.

I am not going to put my feelings out there so they can be hurt again.

Or something.

Thanks for writing this article, I feel warm, safe and slightly homosexual.

You need to talk about their feelings, their needs. You know they have them. Maybe we don't have to go to war, maybe you can all make a big funking blanket.

Helghast Slayer3586d ago

@ Ghoul

I was just thinking the same thing. I'm willing to relieve them off their misery. Just give me a rocket launcher or a couple of grenades. Visari will meet the end of my iron sight.


Visari got that planet by the balls......We needs to drop those propaganda speakers everywhere....Those propaganda speakers are the coolest shlt I ever seen in a MP match .

search and destroy " remember gentlemen its never you "

Ethreon3586d ago

The most bad ass looking bad guys ever. Been reading this stuff pretty intensively. Can't wait to go online and hop behind the mask..

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shinobi3333586d ago

nice article, the official website elaborates a little more on their story and struggle..the helghast are actually betrayed by the isa and are victims of this war.

shinobi3333586d ago

i actually feel kind of bad...but whats cool is how we the players will get the chance to play as the enemies rather than always being the heroes

heyheyhey3586d ago

yeah, what really set's the Helghast apart from enemies in most interplanetary shooters is that they're actually human.... still can't wait to slaughter them though!!

Gue13586d ago

They aren't humans, they look like humans.

Helghast Slayer3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Stop spreading FUD mate. They are humans, they have been mutated because of the hazardous environments of the planet helghan. But visari has led them to believe they are a totally different breed who's past has evoked them into claiming vengeance on the people of vekta (once their brothers and sisters and their home planet).

Snyph3r3586d ago

But I thought they all came from earth and colonized these they're not just humans, they're Earthlings...we'll originally...

-GametimeUK-3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Im quite excited for this title now...



apparently 3 people say I am not excited about this title :-S
disagree trolls ftw I took the bait

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The story is too old to be commented.