Crazy Russians Stealing Huge PSP

Winter 2008, Moscow. Two ruffians stealing huge PSP from advertising stand.

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TOO PAWNED3617d ago

LOL, i think this was fake. Still funny, where is he running with that thing? LOL
Time to get to know Russian jail, won't be nice adventure i can promise you that :)

Powertesties3617d ago

They are always up to silly things. Remember WW2?

Tempist3617d ago

Viral marketing....

What appears to be the box for the set-up is right behind the case.

TOO PAWNED3617d ago


You mean how they pawned Nazis and got all the way in Berlin? Eastern front battle? That was epic.
Is that what you tried to say?

Powertesties3617d ago

If ya do a bit more research, you will understand that it became a war of attrition and Germany simply ran out of replacement troops. Germany was weakened by the USA and it's allies. Also, have to give winter its due.

Now that is a fact.

I_am_rushin3617d ago


Yeah and you forgot the little part about Russia losing 20m people during WW2. How much did the U.S. sacrifice?

Powertesties3617d ago

How many the USA lost. Depending on what you want to count, between 500,000 to 900,000.

History is fun!

TOO PAWNED3617d ago


You have no clue what you are talking about, idiots like you make me sick. What i replayed to you after you send me PM to "teach" me about history about which you have no clue.
THis is what i wrote to you:"NOPE, German army(most of) was destroyed in "Battle of Stalingrad", thats when Nazi amry lost for first time, in big numbers. Learn some history first.
East front from where Russia was coming, that where most of the German forces were, west front from whihc Allies came was a joke compared to east front.
Russians are main reason Nazi Germany lost. Thats a fact. "

Powertesties3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

You are funny. Don't get angry because I schooled you.
Read a book, stop playing games and then we can talk.

Heck, then we'll play!

Also, isn't ignorance bliss? Especially towards Computer. Haha

TOO PAWNED3617d ago

Schooled me? How? With what facts?
Besides you felt insecure and send me double PM, i replayed you once, with fact and then ignored you. You are the one sitting by you PC and clicking F5 every 5 seconds.
When it comes to "playing" or what ever you are trying to say with that, thing is just look at your daily activity on this site vs mine. You are non stop here like typical no lifer. You say that you are geek(your bio) that has all systems.....i have PS3 that i share with my bro and don't remember when i last time played it due to non stop having to do something else, you know like grown ups. So i dont get it really, are you making fun of your self or what? It seems so.
Too bad you only have 4 bubbles and can't replay. O well see ya.


computer3617d ago

What a typical way to end an argument which you lost.
"nope nope nope no more, you're just mad I schooled you"

gw4k3617d ago

is right. WTF? Has it been that long since you had history class TOO PAWNED or you computer? Maybe you both flunked history!

By the way, I will take that PSP! Haha Russia sells everything onthe blackmarket, I bet we can buy that a nuke!

Gamertags3617d ago

You better watch out, Russia will shut off the gas to your country!


Sorry folks, Power is right about the history though.

motogamer3617d ago

that is a big PSP

the only one here that seems to know anything about history is testies haha

ordellsway3617d ago

Pretty sure. Pawned, you got owned.
I am in the 12th grade and I know more than you and have more hair.
More ladies as well. lol

But hey, stupid people make the world go round, someone has to do the manual labor.

Gamertags3617d ago


Pawned is probably wishing he didn't post all that nonsense on here. ROFL
Do you think he hauls trash or lives with his mom? or both?

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RebornSpy3617d ago

In Soviet Russia, game plays you!

kyleg3617d ago

All I can say is dam stupid fu*kers. lol

TIKUP3617d ago

LMAO ahahaaahahaha
i bet they got away with it aswell

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