Play Review: Skate 2

Play-mag writes: "Ever watched a skating compilation video? We'll assume, for now, that you have. We'll also assume that the segment of the video you enjoyed most would have depended on exactly how into skating you are. If you're a skater yourself, then you'll have most appreciated the section showcasing the unique talents of your favourite pro skater. But if you're a casual observer with a passing interest in skating, like us, then you'll have just been waiting for one thing: the slam section.

A slam section, in case you have no idea what we're blathering about, is the segment where you're shown clip after clip after wince-inducing clip of skaters hurting themselves in increasingly spectacular fashion. There's nothing quite so entertaining as seeing such ultra cool show-offs landing testicles-first on railings, face-first on ramps and head-first on every single step of a 15-foot-high flight of stairs. It's sick, it's wrong, but it's always the best bit by miles. This applies to every skating video we've ever seen and, funnily enough, it applies to Skate 2 as well."

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