What's wrong with the NXE's avatars?

VGM writes: "A good portion of the Xbox Live community is satisfied with the "New Xbox Experience," including myself. While there are a few subtle changes I would make, the overall package has proved itself to be quite streamlined and manageable. Quite possibly the biggest part of the package that has noticeably divided the community most viciously has to be the addition of avatars."

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NaiNaiNai3407d ago

you have 1 bubble.

haha you suck.

ActionBastard3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

They exist?

Seriously, there's is no real use for them right now. You can't even control them, so it's just this cartoony thing, burping and waving for absolutely no reason.

-GametimeUK-3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Noob of course there is a use for them... It can be used as a nice visual representation of yourself... Plus theres an XBL game that supports them... Its a lot better than making realistic avatars and running round with a real looking avatar in a bland space having people trying to rape you... aka home

chrisnick3407d ago

AN? as in 1? u failed sir.

ActionBastard3407d ago

Wow Gametime, there's ONE XBL game that supports them! What was I thinking?

Capt CHAOS3407d ago

And which PS3 games supports your HOME avatars?

Just leave em alone, I for one don't give a sh1t about avatarts (See what I did there?), the menu, easy of use and in-game live facilities are what I care about.

-GametimeUK-3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Yeah Action Bastard there is... So if you knew there was a use for them why bash them?

I think you're better suited to that zone >>>

and you can use them as your gamerpic >_>

The Lazy One3407d ago

my avatar to be able to slap my friends in chat.


prunchess3407d ago

Yeah, they're not exactly manly looking. A bit naff really!

Mr_Bun3407d ago

"running round with a real looking avatar in a bland space having people trying to rape you"

You make that sound like a bad thing

Max Power3407d ago

for telling us the definition of 'avatar,' "It can be used as a nice visual representation of yourself..." because i don't think anyone knew that.

Powertesties3407d ago

I love Live. In my opinion Live is much better than the PSN. I know we have to pay for it but it works so dang well. It is worth paying for in my opinion.

I do hate the avatars though. My avatar looks like some sort of phetophile. Home allows much better avatars and much more realistic looking phetophiles. lol

LeonSKennedy4Life3407d ago

"It works so dang well."

...and the Playstation Network doesn't?

I'm lost here. Explain to me why the Playstation Network is worse.

jcfilth3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

"And which PS3 games supports your HOME avatars?"

There's no need for that. No need to copy Nintendo with that, we have full games in Home and plenty more to come, just ask EA and Capcom...

Your comment fails miserably.

"love Live. In my opinion Live is much better than the PSN. I know we have to pay for it but it works so dang well. It is worth paying for in my opinion."

I have to disagree with you, just last week I played on Live, COD:WAW, FIFA09, and GeaOW2, and I experienced lag and disconnects from the game and party in COD:WAW, I can get that for free in PSN and not as often as I got them on Live, in FIFA lag happened twice, no problems with GeOW2. This are normal things in the online community but the fact that you have to pay for it on XboxLive really sucks.

Something else, the quality of voice chat is not the best, I had to speak very loud so my friend could here me, and he didn't sound natural, his voice was a bit different, not even like on the phone(I even asked him if he was sick lol)

As for the "Xiis"(avatars) they are pointless, there's nothing you can do with them.
Party system is good but it has its down sides too, when we were playing Search And Destroy in COD:WAW, I wanted to give a heads up to one of the guys in my team, but guess what? you can not hear anyone else besides the people in your party, they can not hear you either. That [email protected]! there should be an option for that, that takes away a bit of the fun when playing online.

From my experience, LIVE IS NOT WORTH PAYING FOR!!

JsonHenry3407d ago

Personally... I LOVE my xbox 360. But I hate those damn things! What a complete waste of time on MSs part.

Pennywise3407d ago

GametimeUK - The gamer zone blemish.

ActionBastard3407d ago

@ Capt CHAOS
Are you really trying to get in a pissing match over playing games with avatars? Really? Haha. Kinda sad dude. I don't even recall mentioning Home, but if you need something to fall back on, feel free.

@ GametimeUK
You are the last person to direct anybody to the Open Zone. Gamerpics you say?! Well that changes everything!!!

Maddens Raiders3407d ago

I would be a little pissed about this avatar offering. That's all I'm going to say about that.


Fanboy war in the open zone luulzz

pav23233407d ago

The NXE is not as great as everyone claims it is ( IMO ). I would have preferred a blade overhaul or something like that, maybe add a Netflix and movies blade etc.. streamline it a little better. The NXE is a lot more confusing as to where to find the content you are looking for, and presents itself in pastels and big headed pastel avatars that do nothing but spew lame. Even my 8 year old prefers the way it used to be.
Stupid Pastel Bobble Head Kids. I thought the NXE was suppose to be more user friendly.

thats_just_prime3407d ago

1st off they article talks about clothing however they dont include the fact that MS has been slowing addin more and more clothing options. 2nd they talking about not being able to use avatars in games however they dont say anything about MS upcoming prime time space that will let you use your avatars to play games like 1 vs 100 for real prizes. Also they talk about unlocking new avatar options with achievements MS said they have ship tools to devs to do just that hopefully start seeing games with that in them soon.

As for home and using you avatars there to play games that a joke. you stand in line for hours to play a stupid bowling game or pool. When on the 360 you just need to invite a friend and you can play instantly

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Mr Blings3407d ago

with the new dashboard has to do with the music feature. The original dashbard would allow a user to switch up their playlist/album while in game.

Example: I'm playing NHL 08 and listining to O.A.R. I then feel like listining to something harder so I hit the guide button and decide to listen to the new AC/DC album. Then i just go back to playing hockey.

Now, if I try the same process with the new update I find that I am stuck listining to the O.A.R. album the whole hockey game because you can no longer switch up music on the fly while in a game.

I don't understand how features that were supported when the system was first released can be taken out with this new update.

I realise that this is a minor feature and most likely not many people have even noticed it being gone... but I have. It was a feature I used quite often while friends were over hanging out drinking, listening to music and playing games at the same time.

NaiNaiNai3407d ago

you can too switch you music up. hit guide and go over 1 bar, theres your music section. i know cause i do it all the time, just select the music tab at the very bottom. its really much faster then the old system,

Mr Blings3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I have tried this several times since the new update and I'm told I have to exit out of my game to do so...I get to the music blade like you mentioned, but am not allowed to switch up anything.
Is your music on your hard drive? Or are you streaming? I am streaming my music from laptop to 360...I dont see why this would matter, but this is an issue with the ps3 as well(cant have in game music because I'm streaming, rather then loading music onto system hdd)so who knows.

Ldubbz3407d ago

Yeah I stream my music from my Mac to my 360 and I can change the music as I please, just like before.

One cool, little-talked about feature with the in-game custom soundtracks is you can use your 360 remote to skip tracks independently from the controller, regardless of whats going on in-game.

Mr Blings3407d ago

I went back and messed a bit more and I was making an it working now thx much!!

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Nathan Drake3407d ago

I mean,it's cool to have a 3D representation of yourself,but what's the point if you can't do anything with the Avatar?

A Kingdom for Keflings was an interesting idea,but I don't want to buy and launch games just to see my Avatar walk.

NaiNaiNai3407d ago

theres mini games you can play. and that kingdom game is actually a bit of fun.

RebornSpy3407d ago

I like my avatar, but I don't really care that it's largely useless. I'm just glad it doesn't force me to use it in any games. I am, however, interested in the games for avatars, though I don't feel like purchasing one. Whatever happened to Primetime?

The Lazy One3407d ago

it's coming this spring hopefully.

I think that's when u'll start to see avatars actually being useful.

it'll be nice when developers start releasing themed clothing for achievements and butts.

u got owned3407d ago

You guys are taking the avatar thing to serious, its just an added feature, what so bad about having them.

Sitdown3407d ago

perceived as being pointless...does not mean it can not be enjoyed or that there is not a place for it. I think some people take life to serious to just stop and enjoy the little/fine(not you pedophiles) things in life. It is interesting...people hate the avatars, but enjoy home.......I still have not downloaded home......because it feels like more work...and is it still in beta form?

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jaybdemented3407d ago

he has one bubble but hes right

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