Industry trends for 2009: Nintendo

Screen Play writes: "The shining star of the gaming world in 2008 was undoubtedly Nintendo.

The Japanese giant enjoyed astonishing sales of both its Wii and DS consoles, with DS selling over 800,000 units in Australia for the year (the country's best selling console for the third year in a row) and Wii over 685,000. Over a quarter of the year's Wii and DS sales were in December alone.

Despite huge install bases of 1.7 million for DS and over one million for Wii, only very brave pundits would predict that Nintendo's momentum will slow this year, particularly with a new DS model on the way and the upcoming sequel to Wii Sports.

In the first of our series talking to industry heads about gaming trends in 2009, Screen Play today presents Nintendo Australia's managing director Rose Lappin.

Rose discusses topics like the global financial crisis, the rise of the casual market, Wii MotionPlus, second-hand game sales, classification and big games to watch..."

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