Over 80 billion ISK embezzled from player-run bank in EVE Online

Stupidly complicated sci-fi MMO EVE Online is experiencing its very own financial crisis this week after a player ran of with ISK 80 billion.

The player in question, who goes by the name of Xabier, had been employed as an investments manager by player-run Dynasty Banking. His job gave him access to funds invested in the bank by other players.

As reported by, Xabier has admitted to running off with ISK 86 billion worth of assets.

The bank's chairman, Manalapan, has issued a statement trying to clear things up.

"I would like to point out that it is still not known for certain whether Xabier has, for lack of a better word, scammed," said Manalapan.

"What we DO know is that he has missed a dividend payment on a personal bond." Oh. "And his bio now states, 'Thanks for all the fish.'" Ah.

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