TWW: The Most Bugs and Glitches In Videogames

Techworldwide writes:

I have put together some of the following games with tons of bugs and glitches from all consoles including the PC.

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TrevorPhillips3614d ago

god i hate glitches really annoying especially in CoD: WaW

emazzuca3614d ago

My god, that game was nearly unplayable at release

i would waste half my night each night with bugs,

Zoning bugs, getting stuck on the map bugs, falling through world, being teleported, friends being invisible, and memory leaks like you wouldn't believe, this game should be number 1!

retrofly3614d ago

I started my post before you finished yours, sorry for the repetition

retrofly3614d ago

COD WaW has more bugs and glitches than you can shake an M1 Garand at, granted they have fixed quite a lot of them. But for the game to be released with the amount they had is unbelievable.

Run down of a few (PS3 version):

-Map glitching on several maps (Map testers anyone?). Going under map or embedding players into objects
-Disconnecting from host's after game
-Having an after match report screen that has most of the information missing, why is it there if everything going to be zero?
-Not being able to connect to friends via party
-Picking up perks when picking up dropped weapons

Typical case of "It needs to be released before Christmas" syndrome.