EA: New official Fight Night Round 4 images on the way, release information soon

EA has told videogaming247 that some official screenshots from the high def boxing fest, Fight Night Round 4, should be revealed in the coming weeks.

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therealking793405d ago

really looking foward to this game

AAACE53405d ago

I'm just glad they put Tyson in the game!

I mean Iron Mike Tyson a.k.a. Killer Uppercut, not Earbiter Mike Tyson a.k.a. I can't win without!

Powertesties3405d ago

I can not wait until this game comes out.

I have been playing Round 3 for years now. One of my favorite games. This should be incredible.

I really like the new physics system they have put in place.

HardcoreGamer3405d ago

its going to be the same as fight night round 3 dont get me wrong its great, but i beleive its seriously gonna have a graphical upgrade

Mr4023405d ago

I just wish they would take button users out of online play or make total punch control so superior that folks would have to learn to use it. Cause there is nothing I hate more then folks who use the button combos and think they are good at the game.

Oh and add Tommy the hitman Hearns! With his old school 80's Jheri Curl and that killer right hand the motor city cobras screaming for virtual immortality.

magikmark83405d ago

This game is going to be great, however I hope they fix the intro's for the boxers by giving them there right theme songs, mike tyson better have his DMX theme. you cant have mike tyson without his DMX theme.

ShinFuYux3405d ago

They looked better in FNR3- PS3 version. This one looks like their skin is made of plastic...

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