Is Ruffian Games Working on Crackdown 2? Writes:

"Ruffian games seems like a good candidate for the project. The company's Creative Director Billy Thompson (who was one of the key staff members on the original Crackdown game) has said that he wants to create another game that "makes you feel like a God". The ability to jump over buildings in the original Crackdown was as close as we have come to that sensation, so hopefully he shares our opinion about what makes a good action game."

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clinker3411d ago

Another crackdown game seems like a pretty good thing to me.

Mavole3411d ago

It'll beat Suckzone 2 to a frickin' pulp, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER 360 GAME.

-GametimeUK-3411d ago

OMG I hope it is true... The first game was sooooo addictive!

panasonic233411d ago

hell yeah i love crack down i can't wait for crack down 2

Cajun Chicken3410d ago

Crackdown is the best IP MS own since the 360.

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