Ubi: No plans for World in Conflict on consoles

Videogamer writes: "This morning Ubisoft has revealed to that for the moment World in Conflict and its expansion are for "PC only". Earlier today the publisher announced that World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, the expansion to the popular PC RTS World in Conflict, will be arriving for PC in March. The digital download expansion will arrive alongside a retail game, World in Conflict: Complete Edition, which will include the original game and expansion.

"For the moment we are releasing Soviet Assault on PC only and have no plans at this time to release it or the Complete Edition on consoles," said the Ubisoft spokesperson."

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AngryHippo3611d ago

....I thought this game was supposedly coming to consoles a while back?! It seems to be a pretty cool game. Anyone got it on PC? How does it compare to the likes of Tom Clancys End War?! I really do hope that at some point they port it across to consoles, I for one would definitely pick it up.