Pachter: Aaron Greenberg and Kaz Hirai Are Both Right

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "As you've no doubt seen by now, Sony's Kaz Hirai and Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg have been getting into a little war of words lately. Hirai still sees Sony as the industry leader in video games and he doesn't think Xbox 360 has longevity, while Greenberg has called Sony "out of touch" and he doesn't see a scenario in which Xbox 360 could lose its installed base lead to PS3.

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter – never afraid to share his opinion – contacted GameDaily BIZ to let us know that both Hirai and Greenberg are right. "Aaron Greenberg is right that Sony likely won't catch Microsoft in the U.S. until at least 2014. Kaz is right that Sony will likely catch Microsoft globally," said Pachter."

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LightningPS3PS33407d ago

If PS3 does win over 360 then it will obviously be when the XBOX 720 is out and 360 fans won't even care anymore, they will be into 720.

Maybe the PS3 is more future proof, but right now the trouble with PS3 is having a present. They won't have much future if they keep getting outsold 2-1.

Foxgod3407d ago

Agreed, The 360 lifespan will end when after Mass effect 3 is released (about 2011).
Then a new xbox will come out, as well as a new playstation, MS will drop 360 support because 5/6 years is enough for a console.

And sony will keep supporting the ps3 so they can sell it to late adopters, then 2 years after the 360 is dropped by MS, sony will catch up in sales numbers, and declare itself the victor.

Which in turn will feel like claiming victory over an empty plate.

pumpkinpunker3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

But I don't think MS will drop support for the Xbox 360 even when the 720 is released like they did with the Xbox. The reason they dropped support for the Xbox is because they were losing money on each console sold. They were new to the gaming market and had yet to streamline their production costs like they've done with the 360.

Foxgod3407d ago

If your right, then Sony wont catch up at all.
5 or 6 years from now an xbox is gonna cost 50$.
How much is a ps2 atm ? more then 50 dollars i suppose, imagine how many late adopters will buy a 50 bucks costing console.

Anon19743407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

They moved 17 million consoles in 2 years at prices $400 and up. The 360 at a cheaper price with no next gen competition only moved 13 million in it's first 2 years. Some of the biggest publishers out there have come forward stating they make the most money off the PS3, software sales are strong, sales growth is 40% year over year, revenue growth is even higher and production costs of the PS3 are coming down ahead of schedule. They've overcome the 360's lead worldwide except for the US in only 2 years, their 2009 lineup of exclusives looks fantastic and Blu-Ray won the format war.

So is the "trouble" you referring to the fact that the 360 managed to come from behind in 2008 after a price cut and move some units? The 360, or even the Wii selling well does zero to negate any of those points I just mentioned above anymore than Porsche is in trouble because the Honda Civic is more popular.

By all means, let me know if I'm forgetting something because I just can't figure out how this spells Sony doom.

Venomish3407d ago

well, if rrod rate was %30 then we can argue that the real number of xbox 360 users is like
x + 30%x = total sales
if total sales were 28million then, actual users are about
x = 28/(1+0.3) = 21.5 million

the difference between xbox360 and ps3 sales is no more than 2 millions

Foxgod3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

uh, actually, the 360 had no competition for one year, and that was its weakest year.

In the years the 360 has competition it sold a lot more then before, a lot of people where waiting and holding back to see what sony would deliver.

Also the 30 % less users has no ground, because the whole statement that MS counts consoles that have been returned as sold has been proven to be a BS statement.
So the difference is actually 8 million, but hey if you wanna keep on believing BS, suit yourself.

thats_just_prime3407d ago

Foxgod MS has already said they will not drop support for the 360 when the next xbox is release. They said dropping it for the 1st xbox was a mistake they thought no one care after the 360 came out. They also said that part of the reason they drop it was cause it cost more to make then they were able to sell it for the HDD was costing them 70 dollars. Thats why the ps3 is doomed to always be in dead last. They have a built in HDD, Blu ray and wi fi all that tech means the price will always be high. I serious doubt the ps3 will ever drop below $199 while the 360 can drop their pricce down to $99.

I think people are discounting the 360 to easily. They just hit 199 the price thats the price that caussal player will go out and buy a system. The ps3 was able to outsell the 360 for the 1st half of 08 and had its biggest title release. This limited the amount that the 360 was able to increase its lead by. I dont see the ps3 ever out selling the 360 in 09 cause of the 360 price and sony has no games coming out that are huge like mgs4. KZ2 will sell good to current owns and even move a few systems but not on near the level that mgs4 did.

I think the next xbox will be out in 2012 (that be a year after ME3) as will the ps4.

joemayo763407d ago

uhhh no 5-6 yrs from now the 360 will prob be $100 maybe $119. look at the ps2 that things been around for just about a decade its aint $50, you wanna kno why simple cuz theres still demand for the product. If the 360 (or any console for that matter) where to have the level of demand the PS2 is having there would be no need to drastically lower the price, as the company would rather be making a large margin @ at the retail price of $100 rather than $50. now if demand suddenly drops off dramatically then you will see MSFT (or insert company name) lower the price as a way to intice sales.

GameGambits3407d ago

The only problem with the PS3 is the price. I own a PS3 and a 360, but sold my Wii a while ago.

The Wii isn't made for a gamer like me. I need games I can play day in day out, and usually I'm competitive in that department. The Wii wasn't made to be an online machine which is fine, but it didn't even up the graphical prowess of the Gamecube by any margin. The motion controls are cool, but the only game I felt it made the experience much better was with Zelda.

The 360 isn't pumping out exlusives that really make me want to shell out cash every month or two to play it. It doesn't even have a game I play daily (used to be Gears 1, but Gears 2 failed so now I'm a lost pup). The 360 is a great machine for its price, but it needs more Gears esque ground breaking games to keep me hooked.

The PS3 though has solid exlusives. Maybe I'm even undertoning that, but the exlusives in just 2008 were all outstanding games that push each of its genres further. Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, and even the controversial Socom all do something that its genre need to take note from.

The PS3 may never catch sales, but they've never yet lost in the great games you can't get anywhere else fight. I don't want to see Sony ever stop being a competitor in console wars, because they keep their exlusives really geared to what I want to spend my free time on.

Maddens Raiders3407d ago

talking out of both sides of your mouth to keep everyone happy. doesn't sound like insight, but more like concession....

off topic

foxgod you're on a roll....let's see just how many disagrees you can rack up in a 3 hour period........incredible.

iHEARTboobs3407d ago

"And sony will keep supporting the ps3 so they can sell it to late adopters, then 2 years after the 360 is dropped by MS, sony will catch up in sales numbers, and declare itself the victor.

Which in turn will feel like claiming victory over an empty plate"

So, there's no victory in outlasting the competition (360)? There's no victory in selling more than them? Sony's in it for the long run with the PS3. If the PS3 lasts as long as Sony wants it to, and i think it will, I would call it a victory for them. At the very least, a great achievement.

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Droid Control3407d ago

2011 is the year of the XBOX 720 and the end of the current generation.

Gue13407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

The next gen starts when Sony say so

BTW Patcher doesn't know what he's talking about. He should simply STFU and let anybody else do his job.

PotNoodle3407d ago

Sony could just get a lead of 100 consoles, worldwide then bring out a new console straight away - does that mean the PS3 won even if the very next day, the xbox 360 sold 100,000 taking that lead?

No it doesn't. If sony sell more PS3's than 360's by the time they discountinue it, then they have beat the 360 in that console war.

Gamekings3407d ago

No its not a draw

since MS could sell 20m X360s and still lose in global sales

PS3 will beat x360 atleast 2:1 in global sales when all is said and done

Foxgod3407d ago


His logic is fine, if you have a race, and you finish first you win, if the 2nd placer keeps running after he went trough the finish he can say he ran further, but he still didnt win.

pansenbaer3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )


That logic does make sense....when you are talking about a race. It wouldn't really be fair for runner A to say, "I'm going to beat you to the 100 meter mark", but than runner B says, "I'm running to the 160 meter mark, so I will beat you there." If A stops running, they win in their mind, but when B continues and out runs A, they also win. That's why this doesn't work with consoles. There is no finish. Obviously Sony will discontinue support for the PS3 at sometime in the future, just like Microsoft will discontinue support for the 360 at sometime in the future. Whether that's 2 years after the next console comes out or 7 years, it will happen. And really it comes down to who has sold the most in the console's lifetime.

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paskowitz3407d ago

Technically Sony does not have to beat MS's total sales in order to "win" it just has to mach the 360's previous year sales. Sony does not care if they "beat" the 360, matching it will do just fine. If the PS3 sells as much as the 360 every year than I do not see the problem. I do not no were this concept of beating came from. Also I do not think MS cars if they sell more consoles just so long as they sell a lot of consoles. Yeah its good for braggin rights but not much else.

Unreal013407d ago

Sometimes I dont think people realise that the Playstation 3 is more than a games console. Also, I dont understand why people see sales figures and see Sony being outsold and immediately interpret that as a bad thing, the Ps3 costs more than its competitors and, even when its being outsold at times, it's making a bigger revenue on each console sold than its competition.

thats_just_prime3407d ago

Sony need to actually beat or match the ps2 not the 360 to win and there is where there biggest failure is at. All the market shares that sony once had now belong to the 360 and wii. Sony has lost this gen what they need to do now is work on limiting the damage and trying to set their self up to take back the market next gen. This will be very hard to do cause they are losing a lot of 3rd pary support. So many going multi plat and some like SE and Capcom are favoring MS over Sony

lordgodalming3407d ago

"Sometimes I dont think people realise that the Playstation 3 is more than a games console."

I've actually seen the opposite argument. People say that, sure, the PS3 is a good Bluray player, but it doesn't have any games. Interesting.

panasonic233407d ago

does it really matter if sony finally catch up by 2014 everbody be playing their xbox3

Rofflecopter3407d ago

eh true, but i wont be playing the next xbox unless they prove that they can create a reliable console. i've gone through a couple 360's and a ps3. needless to say, im upset with this gen.

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