Researcher Says No Link Between Games and School Shootings

A researcher from Texas A&M International University has claimed there is no tangible link between games and school shootings. He points out flawed methodology in earlier studies and believes games are simply an easy target for the "moral panic" that surrounds such incidents.

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Leord3282d ago

O r'ly?


I was SURE there was a link.


Evildoomnerd3282d ago

Ya r'ly!

Too bad this won't be the end of it. Irresponsible and ignorant folk need something to blame.

You'd have a better chance finding a link between peanut butter and terrorism!

Leord3282d ago

Yes, yes, I think I heard about that! If you eat too much (real, not the margarine type) butter, you actually start getting black hair, uncontrollable beard growth and an uncanny taste for killing innocents!

Scary stuff, and the researchers that can't find the obvious link between video games and the holocaust must be just plain stupid...

Terrice3282d ago

I'm sure that I'm just as shocked as the rest of you on this. :)

Dorjan3282d ago

very logical, It's always a shame when people that aren't experianced in a field decide to use it in this way.

At least see for yourself (it's not a drug!)

Leord3282d ago

Hehe. No no, thinking for yourself can cause brain damage, it's said by God!

Terrice3282d ago

True, such as using video games as the scapegoat instead of poor parenting...

Maticus3282d ago

Finally, a sensible report from a researcher in regards to games and violence.

Leord3282d ago

They are few and far between =P

Recka3282d ago

SWEET they have NO link? well in celebration, I'ma go cut some gnomes in half ^_^.

Leord3282d ago

Hehe, make sure to use a sword you have license for ;)

Itrguy0013281d ago

its about dam time somebody doesnt blame shootings on games

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