Gaming AI to move to graphics cards

Nvidia and AMD planning to handle AI in 2010...

Graphics cards are set to handle artificial intelligence (AI) processing in 2010, according to the latest news out of Nvidia and AMD.

The companies revealed that they are working on GPGPU-accelerated AI in games, and gamers might see the first results early in 2010.

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Calcio3409d ago

Makes a lot of sense. GPU's are so powerful now that taking some of the burden off the processor should really help thingsa.

evrfighter3409d ago

this coupled with cpgpu cards coming out from Intel,Nvidia, and ati/amd. (larrabee,Fusion, and Cuda) along with new ray tracing rendering. PC games are set to make graphics the equivalent of crysis the norm.

Foxgod3409d ago

Would be cool if they let processors do all the physx handling then, if a second videocard is not available.

Kushan3409d ago

Ray tracing is far from "new", it's one of the oldest methods of rendering there is, it's just bloody time consuming.
Oh but here's the cool thing - you don't NEED a second video card for this stuff, when you're not rendering the screen the video card is pretty much sitting idle, so it doesn't matter if you're using it to process physics, AI, etc. before drawing with it. And the thing about games is that it's very difficult NOT to do those in a specific order, so it makes sense.

Kakkoii3408d ago

@Foxgod: CPU's are HORRIBLE at doing physics calculations compared to a GPU.

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wibble3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

This is silly.

The GPU is becoming a regular CPU and so it's pointless to say "We're to taking AI over to the GPU". If a coder wants the "GPU" to carry out a given task (AI or whatever) then the coder simply sends the task over.

It's probably just more Nvidia marketing and there desire to belittle intel and the need for a CPU.

But it's okay because intel is going to be joining them soon with Larrabee. So intel isn't going to be worried in the slightest.

Kakkoii3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Actually no... The GPU has to have a new instruction set and architecture to handle AI systems.

Sure it could probably be done by a coder, but it would have to be built from the ground up to work on the GPU. Most AI systems are part of a game engine a developer uses, not created from scratch for every new game that comes out. The AI is just tweaked/changed around to fit their game.

What Nvidia and ATI want to do is enable their GPU's to handle the current way AI systems are coded. Not create a whole new AI language that developers have to learn.

dragunrising3409d ago

All this talk about GPU's versus CPU's and it makes me wonder if next generation consoles will support one more than the other. I see the PS4 being optimized for use with the next iteration of the Cell with less reliance on a GPU. On the other hand I speculate that the 720 (or whatever its called) might be more GPU focused.