What would happen if Mass Effect came to the PS3

DCI from GamesOnSmash gives his opinion about Mass Effect and its possible release on the PS3. What would happen if this 360 exclusive was on a Blu Ray disc??

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PoSTedUP3412d ago

more money for the devs and more people get to play it.

TIKUP3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

lol ii was going to say the same thing
great minds think alike :)

coolfool3412d ago

They would get a sell from me.

Godmars2903412d ago

Pretty much it.

It would be a surprise if they added content. Probably be lucky if they fixed glitches or shortened elevator rides.

free2game3653412d ago

eh, a dedicated port would be kind of expensive to do, and likely wouldn't make it's money back.

thats_just_prime3412d ago

It have piss poor sells like all timed exclusives that go to the ps3

shovelbum3412d ago

The game is very good and I could care less if it's multiplat but if we look at Bioshock then the numbers aren't that great on the PS3 when compared to the 360 (about 2.3 million to 300K). Granted they are very different games but still not very promising when porting costs and advertising are taken into account. I had expected much better sales numbers with regards to Bioshock (love the game) on the PS3 and I would guess the developer figured similar sales as the 360 version as well. Either way Mass Effect is a game worthy of a PS3 port if it's done by competent hands otherwise keep it on the 360 because Playstation owners don't want another shoddy port job.

thats_just_prime3412d ago

If its ported to the ps3 by bioware I doubt it be a great port. Bioware doesnt want the game on the ps3 so if they are forced to do it by EA I think it likely they just do it as quickly as they can with as lil efforted as they can

u got owned3412d ago

"What would happen if Mass Effect came to the PS3"

More people could get to play this awesome game, that's what would happen.

pippoppow3412d ago

Another reason to jump from a 360 to a PS3.

xwabbit3412d ago

lmao PoSTedUP ur getting disagrees

TheFreak3412d ago

Mass effect would probably not sell that well on the ps3 because its over a year old game. Thats what happened to bioshock

Powertesties3411d ago

People would play it, have a great gaming experience. It would sell a lot of copies and make lots of money.

Sounds like a win win.

Rapture3333411d ago

Anyone disagreeing to the first comment is a big surprise. This game is on PC to and I didn't see any PC "fanboys" (are their any of those?) dancing on the streets. I'm a PC gaming but I don't consider myself a PC fanboy even though it is my preferred gaming platform.

Diugu3411d ago

For the PS3 gamers, nothing much... another good game to go to PS3, no biggie.

For the devs... more money and it would make the market bigger for the sequel.

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Why dis3412d ago

Devs saying did we earn our money back?

dragunrising3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

All the initial investment was on PC-type architecture (360 and PC) and using a highly modified version of the Unreal 3 engine. How is ME going to be cost effective on the PS3 assuming Bioware has limited resources and started work on only 360/PC sequels after the first? If this was not so, I would have to assume Bioware has no other future projects and might hand over port duty to another dev. This is not the case. Bioware currently is working on Star War's Knights of the Republic MMO (there biggest game ever), Dragon Age (coming out this year on multiple platforms) and ME 2 (coming out this year). Where is the time to make a ME for the PS3? Bioware is known for their quality and will not release a port of ME or even a sequel that is not up to their standards. I am not saying that ME doesn't have a potential audience on the PS3, however it is plain naive and overly optimistic to assume something will happen for X amount of reasons without looking at Y reasons. I am arguing against the point because regardless of my personal desire to see all games multiplatform, I don't think it will happen. We have never seen a Bioware game on Playstation period and while this is not a good argument in itself, it makes it somewhat clear of the original intentions of ME. Its target audience were always Xbox and PC users. There was plenty of time to release a PS3 version of Mass Effect and it hasn't happened yet. I don't see a sequel appearing on the PS3 without a prequel. It was a priority to have all versions of the trilogy build on one another in story, tech as well as character import; thus being able to create a better story, better game and more engrossing experience. Exclusivity may be one explanation however sometimes developers want to keep things simple. What if Uncharted came to the 360? It wouldn't be the quality game we know it to be. I could make many more examples but I hope you get the point. PS3 exclusives are special for the same reason 360 exclusives are. Despite the notion that a PS3 version could potentially sell, it is very assuming to think that exclusivity means the game will sell poorly. Throw in a nice exclusivity bonus for the game coming only on 360/PC and I see no reason to port a version to PS3.

One final thought: Microsoft see the value of this game and will make sure it stays exclusive. With all the exclusives PS3 has coming out in 09' it only makes sense business wise to keep it exclusive. Microsoft will get a AAA exclusive and EA will get a massive advertising incentive and bonus royalties perhaps. Microsoft have thrown money at jrpg developers to make multiple games for a system that doesn't sell well in that market, why is it a stretch to think they cannot buy exclusivity of ME2? Microsoft have fewer in house developers now (RIP Ensemble, Bungie independent) so they have the resources to front cash for exclusives.

Serjikal_Strike3412d ago

and just make part 2 for ps3

not even bluray can make part 1 a better game

Why dis3412d ago

Teh game used alot of RAM, blu-ray wont produce the same results or better.

Cartesian3D3412d ago

both consoles have same amount of RAM ? whats your point?

the difference is PS3 has more Processing power and bigger storage media, so it can produce SO MUCH better results.

just compare Infamous(not even final build) graphics with GTA4. just look at the textures and character models. GTA4 was one of the biggest game of this generation in term of hype and budget, so there is no excuse except DVD9 and...

gaffyh3412d ago

Still had a LOT of texture pop in on 360, Unreal Engine really sucks. Hopefully they can optimise it for X360 at least so there is no texture pop in.

I personally don't care which platform it is on, as long as it is longer and less glitchy than the first game.

Jinxstar3412d ago

I couldn't even finish the first one. I was so tired of SciFi games for my 360 when I owned it... I really tried with mass effect. I played for like 12 hours and my friends kept going "Turn this junk off and play COD4 man!!!!" I tended to agree. This and Left for dead don't need to be on the PS3. We should not support dev teams that don't support our console because they do lazy jobs for quick cash. Naughty dog, Sucker Punch, Kojima and Santa monica do deserve my hard earned cash to name a few. Vavle and Bioware can rot with their half finished ports. They are better on PC anyway...

coolfool3412d ago

A great example of both porting and the Unreal 3 engine running like it should.

callahan093412d ago

Same amount of RAM in both systems, only half of the PS3's RAM is 4 times faster and can deal with much more data simultaneously than the 360's RAM.

IcarusOne3412d ago

KZ2 isn't even out yet and already you're back to coveting 360 exclusives! This is amazing. For a system that is "so behind the times", that has "no longevity", that has been "a colossal blunder of hardware and ego", you guys sure seem to want its games a lot.

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thebudgetgamer3412d ago

i would buy it,
and enjoy it.


Why dis3412d ago

If multi platform in the console market right?

thebudgetgamer3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

im buying a 360 soon and i will buy it on that i dont care about what console i just want to play fun games


edit : to answer your question yes i own a mac so i would have to get the 360 to play it

ppisatosspot3412d ago

Don't worry Xbots i'm here to catch your tears.

Capt CHAOS3412d ago


Seriously though, all that should be said is 'Good', it'll make this franchise stronger and it'll mean better sequels..