Analyst referees latest console boss war

Both Xbox and PlayStation bosses making valid points...

The console boss wars rumble on - analysts says both sides are making valid points, amidst the hyperbole

It's been a week in which verbal missiles of hate have been launched from both sides of the 'console boss war', with Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai and Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg exchanging unpleasantries about their respective companies.

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Chris3993610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

If you're a 360 fanboy, don't bother reading the article as it may hurt your feelings.

For those with short attention spans, a summation:

- PS3 wins. (There's no trophy or prize or anything, sadly, just "m3 consolz iz bettah!" boasting rights - what has happened to gaming, really? :) )

Oh, and he doesn't touch upon a price cut variance in Europe too, which (when it happens) would extend the PS3' install base further. After launching a year and a half later, they've sold almost 10 million systems and are only behind the 360 1-2 million (most recent surge for MS occurred AFTER the price cut, of course). Europe really is Sony Land.

(Puts on flame-retardant armor and slowly sneaks away....)

- C

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Chris3993610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

No bots or droids comments, and I'm talking about data and sales-projections in Europe. The "flame suit" thing was a joke. Relax man, take life too seriously and you'll give yourself high-blood pressure :)