New Fallout 3 Achievements

Console Monster writes: "The achievements for new downloadable content continue as we have just added the Achievements for Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360. This time around there are four new achievements, three of which worth 20 points and the fourth worth 40 GamerScore. The new achievements can only be unlocked in Operation: Anchorage, the downloadable content for Fallout 3 releasing on the 27th January at 800 Microsoft Points.

The list contains 4 new achievements worth 100 GamerScore:

Aiding the Outcasts - 20 GamerScore
Completed "Aiding the Outcasts"

The Guns of Anchorage - 20 GamerScore
Completed "The Guns of Anchorage"

Paving the Way - 20 GamerScore
Completed "Paving the Way"..."

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Mavole3617d ago

Achievements - They're 10x better than trophies!

Xbox360 - It's 10x better than Ps3!

callahan093617d ago

Stop being a fanboy, please.

callahan093617d ago

That's right, you're clearly incapable of making any meaningful or worthwhile comments.

Mavole3617d ago

I see, I see.. and stating the obvious is what you'd call a ''meaningful'' or ''worthwhile'' comment?

Get out of here.

callahan093617d ago

The only difference is that I have a long history of meaningful and worthwhile comments. Whereas you've got a scant 24-comment history that is completely filled with saying "Suckstation 3 sucks" and "[insert 360 exclusive here] will destroy Killzone 2" and other totally meaningless comments.

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Sangria3617d ago

That's not much, i would hope a little more challenge, but whatever, i wont play Fallout's DLC for its achievements.

giovonni3617d ago

Think it's cool, the game is a little on the alright side. It's not great, but I will try it again to see if it tickles my soul.

PS360WII3617d ago

This game is great! I'll be playing this dlc inside and out achievements will be okay once they come but I won't just go for them as I'll be to busy exploring the new area :)

Infinite-Ammo3617d ago

I envy the 360 for getting this downloadable content. Does anyone know if it will be coming to PS3 though in time? Would be a shame if the PS3 didn't get it.

Gantrfaxx3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Downloadable content is not coming to Ps3. M$ bought exclusivity for it.

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