Square-Enix announced a new Final Fantasy game for PS3 and 360 reports: With the upcoming Final Fantasy titles PS3 owners can't complain about the lack of Final Fantasy games on their console. Unfortunately we have to wait at least a year for those games. Fortunately for us the Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed a new FF game for 360 and PS3.

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Kingsora3410d ago

I guess we just have to take what we can get

CryofSilence3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

This may just be me but... I think they should actually release an FF game before announcing yet another. Make their current projects stellar and then... give me orgasmic remakes of FFVII and FFVIII. ^.^

I kid, I kid.

I don't think anyone asked for a Final Fantasy turret defense though. >.>

theKiller3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

another FF and even not released any FF on ps3??
so they r taking 4 years to release a FF on playstation main console after FF12??

and so far all SE multiplatform games sucks, and even their exclusives for 360 even sucked more!!!

i will never get excited for any SE game until they prove to me their r up to the challenge!!

Prototype3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

I miss SquareSoft, I HATE and I mean HATE Square Enix.

Seems to me FF is the only thing they rely on. Before SE I would buy a game just because it was SquareSoft and it was actually good. Now when I see an SE game I think of a $50 drink coaster.

Alcon3410d ago

I used to buy anything that had Square Enix / FF on it, but I don't like that company anymore. It's like they are making mediocre games just to keep people busy (and, well, just to make money out of them). I will buy FFXIII and Versus, but won't buy blindingly anything they release anymore. They used to be a company wich you could trust to make good quality games, but for me they started this generation very bad. It's like they traded their passion of making games with the bussiness side only (I know it sounds dramatic, but thats how I feel it).

hay3410d ago

Final Fantasy Tower Defense? I think Square has reached a new low... I wonder when they'll release separate blitzball game...

SL1M DADDY3410d ago

Bastardize yet another Final Fantasy title and become ever closer to the likes of EA and Ubisoft...

Oh how I miss the days before Enix. Where have you gone Squaresoft?

Helghast Slayer3410d ago

Man that looks weak. They should just focus on ff13 and ffvs13 before they release any other mediocre junk. I feel sorry for anyone who buys this turd.

kesvalk3410d ago

man, with this one, they are developing 6 FF games:

FF CC echoes of Time
FF CC Crystal Bearers
FF 13 VS
FF 13 agito
FF 13
FF crystal defenders

they should develop one at a time...
the last FF game i loved was FF 12...

chocobo fables was good, but wans't really FF...

AAACE53410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

That's nothing but a tower defense game! No thanks SE... I will wait for the real FF games. They would have been better off porting over the previous FF games.

Hallucinate3410d ago

Sqaure soft is makking FF versus right?

The Lazy One3410d ago


SaiyanFury3410d ago

Well I guess it's clear, Square-Enix is going for sales based purely on name recognition now. They're releasing a PORT of an iPhone game on the respective downloadable networks of the major consoles? Sorry, my head is still spinning from this 'announcement'. And why do we want a port of a mobile phone game on our consoles, can someone please explain this to me? Wow, I sure miss the days of Squaresoft where I could buy a game without even looking at the title and have it be good. Now with S-E's money whoring cross platform development, they've yet to release a SINGLE award worthy title. And that's 3 years (including the 360's 1 year head start on PS3) into this current iteration of consoles. I don't know if other people here will agree with me, but I think I'll pass this up for an ACTUAL Final Fantasy game, in the versions coming of FFXIII and possibly Versus.

deeznuts3409d ago

I'm waiting for Yogurt to come out and say:

"Moichandising! Moichandising! Moichandising! Where the real money is made! Final Fantasy: the T-shirt, Finaly Fantasy: the Coloring Book [holds up a Transformers comic book], Finaly Fantasy: the Lunchbox, Finaly Fantasy: the Breakfast Cereal. Finaly Fantasy: the Flame Thrower… [fires a short blast from flame thrower]

mega BIG time3409d ago

to cross my fingers every time i hear a FF announcement for a VII remake?

thesummerofgeorge3409d ago

Taking advantage of the dedicated fanbase they built is a big mistake, just assuming no matter how long they make you wait you'll still care.... 3d Realms had a similar attitude with duke nukem, and it pissed fans off... Less cell phone games for christ sake, imagine if they had all their resources devoted to one sick ass FF game for the PS3, fans would go nuts. SE is LOSING IT! And I'm as big a FF fan as they come.

ThanatosDMC3409d ago

Wow, i thought it was gonna be Versus. I would have made a comment like "See what Microsoft did there."

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Nathan Drake3410d ago

Reminds me of Luxor a little bit

Kingsora3410d ago

What's Luxor? Never heard of it..

HDgamer3410d ago

I think I'll pass on this. I would've liked a ff tactics remake or different version.

trpride3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

Actually I own this game already and it's pretty good, I just hope they give the graphics a small boost

DarkRaverNL3410d ago

Actually I am quite dissapointed I was hoping for something better

Got my hopes up for nothing :(

DarkRaverNL3410d ago

Btw I also have this game and it's not bad but it just didn't feel 'Final Fantasy' to me