Sony announces new hardware specification for European PS3 - Affects backward compatibility

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that the PlayStation 3 to be launched in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia on 23rd of March 2007 would utilize a new hardware specification.

This will result in the European version of PlayStation 3 will play fewer PlayStation 2 video games when it launches on March 23 compared with models launched earlier in Japan and America, Sony Corp said on Friday

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techie4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

I'm sorry what!? Not fully backwards compatible??? Was I wrong to read that out of it?

If that is the case, I won't be buying a ps3. Sorry they've lost me now.

Backwards compatibility was something I was relying on. First they charge europeans twice as much, then they try to make more savings without giving us the same usage? Nah...I'm gone.

techie4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Nah read it in the Washington News post. So it's official. What limitted means we won't know until the 23rd of March when a list becomes available. If this turns out to be as bad as 360 backwards compatibility then I'm gone. I guess if it has god of war, prince of persia and the other games I own then it's alright. But still. Talk about getting f****d over.

People they would be concentrating on ps3 titles just as much if they included the ps2 emulator. What that comment means is that they will not be bothering to give us good ps2 backwards compatibility. I hope that's not the case.

Torch4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Sony would've really shot themselves in the foot with this one.

However, I'm still cynical until there's absolute confirmation, and complete clarification as to what "limited" means.

Unless Sony outright simply chooses to treat Europe like there very own large-scale experimental petri dish, I can't understand why backwards compatability would be such a technical issue to the the company, when their systems here in North America are already flawlessly backwards-compatible.

In other words, why downgrade when the infrastructure is already set??? Furthermore, in an economical sense, it's not as if limiting PS2 compatibility will have an effect on their PS3 sales; I imagine many if not most potential European purchasers already own a PS2. Therefore, Sony's integration of both consoles should only HELP encourage the existing user (who likely already owns an established software library) to purchase a PS3.

Something smells fishy about this information. However, if this does turn out to be valid (for reasons beyond the scope of my logical or comprehensive abilities), Not only would I not blame you for not wanting to purchase a PS3, but would actually encourage you to steer clear of the system, and consider a 360 instead.

techie4312d ago

If you thnk that makes me want a 360 more you are sorely mistaken. Why the hell would it make me want a 360 when they also have a problem with backwards compatbility!? ALso I don't own any xbox1 you're way off.

I'm not too bothered about the hardware difference,because we knew that was coming. But what does upset me, which sounds just like the sh'tty Microsoft, is that they are going to be concentrating on new ps3 games (as if they weren't already) and ps2 support may be limited.

Oh an any worries about new ps2 games coming out...that won't be a problem. They will focus on the new games that are coming out for ps2. So that's fine. But it's all about the titles beforehand.

I shall keep an open mind about this until I see the list of games, because this was thei intention from the outset. WHy? Because each ps2 chip costs about $50...that in the end means millions saved, and even more money made here in Europe as they are already making a pofit on every sytem sold.

Please don't presume this makes the 360 more desirable. It does not.

And Juevani please be quiet. Don't try and defend this decision. I have a library of ps2 games that I will want to play. Perhaps my whole library will be covered and there is a large chance it will be. However, the backwards compatibility wasn't perfect before hand, it was only 98% even with the ps2 emulator. They did desperately need a software solution, and this could be a good thing. BUT hearing their excuse and that they may not be concentrating on it, just like the lame Microsoft camp is disheartening. We will jut have to wait and see.

In the end the ps3 will be more efficient in the end with less components and so less heat being generated. It reduces costs a lot...but we're already paying double and these costs reductions are being passed onto the consumer.

ANy body who says oh you have a ps2 anyway is quite frankly stupid. My ps2 is old and I don't want to have to buy ANOTHER playstation just to play playstation games. ALSO I don't want two games consoles under my TV, I want ONE.

Oh and fx35 I am no 360 fanatic. I am a sony "fan". 360 fanatics do not belong in this thread at all - they are not needed here, because this doesn't make the 360 any more desirable.

Funky Town_TX4312d ago

take what ever they give you. Get a Ps2 for Ps2 games. Get a PS3 for PS3 games. See how easy that is. You Sony fans are so funny.

techie4312d ago

What!? I mean seriously what? You reply to me to say that? I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or serious. If you're serious...I'm not buying two consoles to play games. Or having two consoles in my living room to play games.

If you're being sarcastic then seriously back off...we don't need you here in this post.

Merovee4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Ah, Go to they have a link to the site the list will be on in their article about it. The Euro machine has a different setup for how the PS2 was emulated. It's more software based now, and as such in the article that the list will be expanding as time goes on. Either way, look at it like this: The list is already longer than the list of Xbox games that will run on a 360. And to boot it means that older PS2 will be capable of being output in 480p due to the new setup. :)

techie4312d ago

ok ok ...but this is what I'm talking about. One loyal customer has been sent over the edge:

"Oh dear.
I can see it now on March 23rd going home to my young son with a PS3 under my arm and trying all his games that he enjoys so much and finding that they will not work.
Why wait until then to wreck our lives let us know now!
What are they up to, I have been pro Sony for years but this news has knocked me back.
I will be cancelling my pre-order and carrying on using the PS2 until a price drop can justify this shocker. "

This is what it's about. Kid's don't care whether the games are next gen or not, they want to play they're favorite games on the system. ANd they will be sorely disappoited if they can't. There can be nothing good coming out of this announcement now. The only reason it would be good was if a price reduction happened NOW. I hear you on the quality of the games being better through software simulation...but it really depends how many games. We'll have to wait to find out.

Merovee4312d ago

I would be pissy here too. But hold the preorder until they put the list up and if you don't want it (depending on how the list is looking) after you have all the facts cancel it.

hfaze4312d ago

Even being a Sony fan (not just the game systems, but most of their electronics), I have to admit that they are giving Europe the shaft if they go ahead with the planned pricing for the European launch... Why make European customers pay a premium price for a system that they are cutting costs on?

I still say that my dream job would be to work in a position at Sony where I could have a say on their product development for the gaming division... There seriously are some execs at Sony that need to be kicked to the unemployment line for STUPID decisions...

Now granted... If they have modified the motherboard on the PS3, then there's a good chance that the European models will be based off of the 65nm Cell chips (instead of the 90nm chips that Asia and North America got...), which means that they will be getting cooler, more energy efficient PS3.

The best way for Sony to save face with the European consumers now would be to drop the launch price to the price of a PS3 in Japan... THAT would be fair to the European consumer considering that the backward compatibility isn't as good as the US and Japan... And that would also get more systems in circulation, which makes it more attractive to developers, which would make Sony more money in the long run...

But will they do that? Probably not... Their upper management are a bunch of 'tards...

I hate to see a company that was so innovative in the past go to hell in a hand basket just because a bunch of douche bags got a hold of the reins...

coolfool4312d ago

but I want to agree with deep brown. It is seriously taking the piss that we gget charged more for the console and yet get less for our money. How in anyway is that a good deal? One of the features of the PS3 is backwards compatibility, its something that you are paying for. Think of it like the blu-ray drive, this is also a feature and something you are paying for when you buy a PS3. So why should they take features out of the system and still charge the same price?

I also don't want two boxes by my tv, I want one. I want a box that plays any playstation game no matter how old. And I don't think this is so much to ask for because I thought it was a feature that I was paying for in the first place.

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dbug3604312d ago

this is well quiet f***D, not happy at all about this crap

Shadow Flare4312d ago

Why are they doing this? Its sony trying to cut production costs basically which is understandable, but this sucks. Hopefully the main ps2 titles will work and the BC patches will be downloadable regularly. Good thing i still have my psone and ps2. This still sucks though, i wanted my ps3 to have all the best tech in it

Captain Tuttle4312d ago

What in the world is going on over at Sony?