Used Games Make Up 42% of GameStop's profits

Wall Street Journal goes into detail about Gamestop and how they make their money. Look at those used profit margins, no wonder others in the industry want a piece of that pie.

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JhawkFootball063611d ago

Well were else would the money come from? I mean with games being $60 im sure they only get 20% percent if that. I think it is very smart of them to take the used games approached to increase its income. You must remember Gamestop used to be a regional store but with the money coming in from used games I think that is the money that drove them to go nationally.

jammy_703611d ago

they buy them off ya for £2 and sell them for £30!!!

Skyyo3611d ago

Still, most game publishers say GameStop is a valuable outlet for them because the retailer caters to hard-core videogamers and employs a young staff of game enthusiasts.

"Look at all the mass merchants. They don't have that kind of knowledgeable sales clerk behind the counter," Brian Farrell, CEO of game publisher THQ Inc., said in an interview last year.

-I am speech less after reading this part. My GS clerks are annoying.

Product3611d ago

yea game enthusiasts that judge you when you buy a game."Oh you own a wii.....your missing out on Metal Gear Solid,wii failzz!"
oh i guess im also missing out on that Halo t-shirt you bought at Hot Topic to huh?
I hate going in there for anything.

sajj3163611d ago

One wonders why publishers aren't making their expected revenue numbers .... Gamestop is taking it from them!

slugg3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

That you have a week to return it, for any reason, for a full refund. That way you can try out games like Lair and Haze and when they DO suck as much as you've heard, you can return them for, say, MGS4 or something worthwhile. I also love how people say "wow, games are cheaper on the Wii," but you are paying 50 bucks for a game that would be on PSN or LIVE for $10!