Killzone 07 vs 09 Comparison

Damagecontrol Writes:

This is a comparison between the 07 version of killzone to the 09 final build. The 07 version is on the lower left

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TrevorPhillips3410d ago

Great job Guerilla games you have really put an effort towards this game, cannot wait :)

computer3410d ago

Yep, no one can deny the amount of work that went into this.

Serjikal_Strike3410d ago

Yo smokey-------->you belong over there------>

sonarus3410d ago

How many comparisons do we really need? We know the game looks good and we know it looks better than it did 2yrs ago (duh) we don't need anymore comparison vids

Bathyj3410d ago

So stop looking at them. I dont complain about brussel sprouts, because no one makes me eat them.

As for Killzone, its soon FKN good the only thing they can compare it to anymore is itself.

sonarus3410d ago

i'm not looking at them anymore because its all the same thing. But its still duplicate news

pixelsword3410d ago

..because it sounds right.

BLuKhaos3409d ago

Oh God enough with the Killzone news.Lets give it a rest with the hype storm until the eve of its release.Keep blowing air into the balloon and it'll blow up on your face.

Stubacca3409d ago

I was sick of GTAIV and Halo 3 articles before they came out. It was total hype and only added to the disappointment. But for games that actually performed as they should have (i.e LittleBigPlanet and Gears 2) the attention made me more excited.

In short, this sort of attention (or hype) is great providing the game surpasses initial expectations. And Killzone 2 is looking to be something very special.

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GiantEnemyLobster3409d ago

Game looks just as bad as it did in '07. You'd think they would have got some progress on it, right?

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smokeymicpot3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

I am the nerd when your the one protecting a game that you have no reason to protect.

Name one ps3 that had great sales at launch. You probably can't but most of you will say OMG EVER PS3 GAME IS AMAZING. And im the one the fanboy.

Another thing. Why am I getting bashed by someone who has there name Killzone.

I hope you know I am a ps3 owner. and i even bought it at launch. I will be playing killzone 2 probably before all of you also.

computer3410d ago

And yet, you're on a videogame news site posting hatred and nonsense about a game which you despise (probably due to jealousy) on a system you do not own.
Get real.

Unicron3410d ago

Name one ps3 that had great sales at launch.

... Metal Gear Solid 4.

Wow, that was hard. Get lost trollboy.

mirroredderorrim3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

The PS3 sales launch was more immense than any other. People got hurt bad in some instances, because at the time it was the most sought after console, since PS2.

Wii stole that momentum and 360 is just riding the pricecut, imo.

I also want to say.. I notice more emotion in the characters eyes in the 09 comparison image, maybe a wrinkle here and there, his hair was made more realistic and not some black mohawk-like stump curved across his skull-for coolness.

thebudgetgamer3410d ago

you're a bitter bitter person don't be mad just play games


Alex_Mexico3410d ago

MGS4 - 775,000 sales day one only on the US.

Get lost, ass****.

PotNoodle3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

That is in two weeks.

Can't be far off that amount, companies ship on demand. And with konami posting stats of "Metal Gear" selling 4.33 units, i can't see the other metal gear games being a big portion of that since there was non that came out in that quarter iirc.

bassturd3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

silly child

Check Gametrailers "most anticipated games of 2009" list. 360 lovers. PS3 haters. Yet their list is like 80% PS3 exclusive titles. Killzone 2 wasn't even on the list.

Their reasoning behind that is completely stupid tho. They said there isn't enough known about Killzone 2. Yet they put games like Bioshock 2 and CoD5 on the list. CoD5 has only been announced...nothing more. Yet it got number 2 spot and Killzone doesn't get a spot cuz not enough is known?

Gee, wonder what Gametrailers is gonna give the game as a review. If they don't even wanna put it on their anticipated 09 game list I can't help but think they are already gearing up to bash it.

Don't matter tho, already buying it regardless of reviews. Just don't want some stupid blemish of a review on it for good ol' guys at Guerilla Games who obviously put a lot of work into it.

JHUX3409d ago

You are the fanboy, all you care about is sales instead of enjoying good games. It's pretty sad though, since you claim to own a ps3, which I doubt, but if you do.. are you going to not enjoy this game if it doesn't hit 1 million sales day one?

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