GTA : Chinatown Wars - 3 New Character Artwork Screens

Here are 3 new artwork screens from GTA: Chinatown Wars. These obviously keep in custom with the regular GTA character art seen in all the other games thus far.

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TrevorPhillips3617d ago

nice looking forward to this

Speed-Racer3617d ago

Hmm I hope this is a good DS title

SalvatoreLeone3617d ago

Tired of these bogus pics..lets see some more gaming action

Speed-Racer3617d ago

its coming soon...keep ur pants on

-GametimeUK-3617d ago

I find it hard to get excited for a DS version of GTA after playing the PSP games... I liked the PSP games a lot actually... Unfortunatly after GTA4 I find it hard to get excited at any GTA games from now on period lol