What's wrong with Max Payne?

Globe and Mail game columnist says the problem with movies based on games, like Max Payne, is that the studios stick too closely to the source material. From the story:

"...A few subtle differences aside, the characters and basic storyline resemble what I remember from the game. Thing is, I loved the game. The movie, on the other hand, seemed trite, predictable, and melodramatic.

I found myself pondering this odd gap between film and game for most of the movie's 100-minute duration, and I decided it all came down to Max himself. Why did I sympathize with and like Max the game protagonist and not Max the film star, both of whom were essentially the same, one-dimensional, revenge-driven automaton?

The problem, I think, is that one media is interactive and the other isn't. During the dozen or so hours I spent with the game I really did try to put myself in Max's shoes. I imagined what it would be like to lose my wife and daughter and took a dark sort of pleasure in blasting away those responsible. It became personal.

Vicariously watching someone else do these things, on the other hand, just made me feel a bit dirty..."

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Elimin83408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

The problem with video game to movie transition is that, while you have 5-12 hours "depends on game" to interact and play out a story in a game you only have 1.5-2 hrs in a movie which i think can sometimes be enough but is rarely enough time for you to live or experience the story, kind of like books to film. Books IMO are always better... they are long and more imaginative.....

Powertesties3408d ago

The people that make the movie have no idea what the game was like. They can only make a movie based on what they know. Then add in a bunch of sh*t that they think will be cool.

Of course, it isn't cool.

madpuppy3408d ago

they didn't stick close enough to the story. the environments didn't feel the same. In the first story the whole thing revolved around a record snow storm. I loved that backdrop, instead of that we get heavy freezing rain and a little snow. sounds crazy but, that really changed the feel for me. also, The music played a big part in the game and added the tense feel of foreboding. the music in the movie I cannot even remember.
I have more but, I'm too tired to type anymore..... :P

Coconutz9193408d ago

I disagree when the article says that both were "essentially the same , one-dimensional, revenge-driven automaton". See, a lot of people seem to miss the fact that the Max Payne games were a bit of a spoof on film noir in general. From the tongue-in-cheek one liners, to the purposely over-the-top dialouge the games did NOT take themselves too seriously. As a character, Max Payne in the games was more casual and somewhat humorous (as well as revenge-driven), and Max Payne in the movie was just plain angry.

In short, while I personally enjoyed the film for what it was, its biggest problem was that it took itself far too seriously.

darthv723408d ago

sucked as the main character. Mickey Rourke would have been better as it looked like they modeled the game character after him.

yoshiroaka3408d ago

The Max Payne movie was just terribly written and directed.
Superb presentation can always save a cliche plot. Like the movie Taken for instance, now that was a Max Payne movie.

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