The Naked View: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Part 1

Was there a real need for a sixth version of Street Fighter II? Does the game really stand the test of time or is it all nostalgia? Hasn't every Street Fighter game since 1991 been Street Fighter II with a few tweaks and graphical updates? What makes this one so special? All this topics and more (way more) are in store for you. You may want to make yourself a sandwich before clicking through.

Join PS3 Attitude's most colorful (albeit white-skinned) character as he delves into all things Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix from his (twisted?) unique point of view. Some may argue that 'demented' is a more appropriate adjective than 'colorful' but we won't pay attention to disembodied voices today.

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phreaky3587d ago

It's a nice game. But it simply highlights the constraints of the older generation of games. I thought that the HD meant that it would be a lot prettier then it is - the cgi-style fireball explosions and stuff just look plain odd next to the 'tooned out characters.

I dunno... Especially when there are no trophies! I suspect EU will get SSF2HDTR when the US version gets patched with trophies.

Danny_D3586d ago

Even with Trophies, based on what I've seen with Street Fighter IV I expect the same damn Trophies (or very similar ones) pop up for 'the game' as well. If it ever gets patched, they have gone on record to say just how cumbersome the process really is.