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Neocrisis: Final Fantasy X Retro-Review

Neocrisis writes: "Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment in the Final Fantasy main series, and it's also the first Final Fantasy to appear on the PlayStation 2. There were a lot of expectations for this game due to the previous highly acclaimed installments of Final Fantasy, and it was also one of the first major RPGs to appear on the PS2. After all the hype and information for this game, the game was finally out and yes, expectations were met." (Final Fantasy X, PS2) 9.4/10

Wakka_  +   2498d ago
Praise be to Yevon.
Bonsai1214  +   2498d ago
haha, that just made my night cause someone with your username said it. :-)

its was a good time... cause when you started up the disk, it said squaresoft..

i'm replaying it at a slow pace while i'm at home. i'm at the chocobo eater right now. on my old save before it got erased (DAMN YOU holiday 2002 disk..) i had a 100+ hour game with everything done except beating that mixed monster with like 10000000000 hp.
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vudu  +   2498d ago
Ha Ha!
+ bubbles
CryofSilence  +   2498d ago
Well deserved review and well deserved praise from Wakka. :)
AAACE5  +   2498d ago
FFX was the first FF game and JRPG that I loved! I wish they would do a remake of this one.

In a time like this when there aren't a whole lot of great RPG's out there, it would give gamers who didn't experience it a great title and show them what a FF game is about.
TrevorPhillips  +   2498d ago
9.4 not bad at all i kinda like final fantasy
n4gzz  +   2498d ago
one of the memorable game I have played :)
Reshun  +   2498d ago
And it kind of went downhill from here
SaiyanFury  +   2498d ago
I cannot disagree. I love the FF series but the games on PS2 left something to be desired. Other than FF12 I didn't like the games on PS2. The horrible Blitzball game is one example. In all my playthroughs I only won one game of it; the championship game vs the Luca Goers. I never did understand how I won it. People might disagree with me, but I didn't think that FFX was all that great.
gtafan  +   2498d ago
This is one of my most favorite games of all time. It was an experience I will never forget.
Esena  +   2498d ago
Agreed...This 7 and 9...best FFs
Danja  +   2498d ago
I gotta give you a bubble..for stating that FF9 for being one of the best FF games....really underrated game

alot of ppl here on N4G give me dis-agrees whenever I mention preferring FF9 over FF7...it's a better game IMO..

But FFX remains one of my fave RPG's ever...damn I miss Squaresoft..
-GametimeUK-  +   2498d ago
Hey Danja the thing about FF games is they are all so good any of them can be your fave... They are all familiar but yet the differences in the way you manage your characters abilities (sphere grid, materia, jobs etc) can ultimatly define your fave... Not to mention characers and story...

Yeah out of all the Final Fantasy games I have played I cant see how someone can be wrong for choosing whatever fave they choose... The games are THAT good...

My fave is 7 but sometimes I play 10 and think I like it more than 7... Tough choices :-)
Danja  +   2498d ago
exactly my point a dis-agree for stating I prefer FF9 over ff7...

it's way better in every way.."IMO"
-GametimeUK-  +   2498d ago
lol it was me... simply because I do not agree... Its not an attack on you personally I just disagree that FF9 is better than 7... I still respect the opinion despite disagreeing with it :-S

have a bubble instead

but yeah 9 was great... The card mini game is as addictive as crack!
Danja  +   2498d ago
lol...kk...proved me..wrong ehh
well thats ur opinion..

but to me FF9 just felt more like...FF6 which to be honest FF6 is the best FF game ever till this day....but alot of ppl didnt play it compared to FF7 so it's easily forgotten

as I was saying though FF9 felt like they took the best of the old and mixed it with the best of the new....which is why I consider my fave
lord_of_balrogs  +   2498d ago
They just release a review now? It's only several years way too late.

EDIT: Hey disagree whores, say why at the very least.
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Queers of War  +   2498d ago
because it clearly says...
"RETRO" reviews
bviperz  +   2498d ago
I remember
120+ hours in and I was still working on obtaining Ultimate Weapons. Pure Joy!
fanboi hater  +   2498d ago
Same Here
I absolutely loved this game. The Story and gameplay were amazing. I got all of the ultima weapons but khimaris, all hard to get but extremely satisfying.
dkp23  +   2498d ago
Remember the good old college days...
Play for hours, GF calls and she asks "are you playing FF, should I call you later"...Ah, the good ole days...I put over 120 hours as well and did everything in the game except get 1 ultimate weapon....The guys ultimate that required you to catch the butterflies in a certain time, i couldnt do it....Only thing left I had to do....=(...
CrippleH  +   2498d ago
That one is easy. Just memorize the patterns.

It's all the same.
Jihaad_cpt  +   2498d ago
me too
took me like 126 Hours to Get almost all the Ultimate weapons (I didn't bother with Kimahri's) & to beat all the Dark Aeons & Penance. Great memories. Not so great was the time my friend saved over my 110 Hours game before that. Otherwise awesome game
lordgodalming  +   2498d ago
Wow, I played the NA release, got four of the Celestial Weapons, and defeated all of the created monsters in the arena, and I still only clocked in about 70 hours. I've just recently started playing the International release (including dark aeons and Penance), so maybe my playtime will go through the roof as well.

Despite the atrocious writing in this review ("Just like Tidus, you’ll get suck into the wonderful world Spira."), I still enjoyed revisiting this game. FFX might not be the best game I've ever played, but it's definitely my favorite.
Grassroots  +   2498d ago
I love this game.
Horny  +   2498d ago
IMO the last GREAT FF game.
Grassroots  +   2498d ago
I pray the story in 13 is great. If not there's still hope in VS13 (have a lot more faith in Nomura personally).
lordgodalming  +   2498d ago
Some of the publicity for XIII has stressed that the production team mostly consists of people who worked on FFX. Good news for all of us.
solideagle1  +   2498d ago
this is was my first JRPG
and man i loved RPGs after that and if i had to select a gener in 3 to 4 games infront of me i always picked RPG. i think its on PAR with FF7 in terms of characters and story.
Tidus the main charcter was not like MACHO man who cant feel any thing or body builder type. he can cry smile etc etc
The real drag about this game was Seymore which was not as much powerful as sephiroth.
Kevin McCallister  +   2498d ago
True, but there aren't too many people out there who are as powerful as my personal Lord and Savior, Sephiroth. Probably just the Power Rangers and Z Fighters since they are virtually invincible.
dan_chan89  +   2498d ago
loved this game.
Shadow Man  +   2498d ago
Whats up with all
this late reviews? MGS4 NG2 FFX
lord_of_balrogs  +   2498d ago
The real question is why is this front page news.
pippoppow  +   2498d ago
a great game
just didnt like those puzzle segments.
anubis12  +   2498d ago
it was a good game a very good game....freaking blitz ball hell yeah
Bonsai1214  +   2498d ago
blitz was great. especially if you got the Jecht shot before you went to the tournament for the first time. you basically defend the first half and get one goal the second half and win!
lord_of_balrogs  +   2498d ago
And this is front page news why?
Danja  +   2498d ago
because gamers care about this game..and the site clearly states...

it's "News 4 Gamers"..

ohh im sorry it's not a flame bait thread..sooo.it shouldn't be on front page...
lord_of_balrogs  +   2498d ago
Except this isn't really news. It's a review for a game that came out a long time ago. When I think news I think new. News=new. Now if this was a review on an unreleased game say KZ2 or Halo Wars it would be newsworthy.
Danja  +   2498d ago
lol....fair enuff
but put it this way..N4G wasn't around when FFX came out..so it deserves to be front page news now...XD

it's a Retro review...just to see how the game has held up over the years...it's not a big deal....alot of things make it to the Front Page that's really not news....so why hate on this so hard..
whatis  +   2498d ago
Boo! Hiss!
5/10 game.
Snake Raiser  +   2498d ago
Ahhhhhh... back when the PS2 was (killz)owning the xbox.
Now it is time to killzown!
-GametimeUK-  +   2498d ago
Such an epic game with an epic story and epic visuals...

X-2, 11 and 12 suck... It has me in doubts about FF13
Danja  +   2498d ago
X-2 did suck....but I gotta admit I did play it and beat.....but the last boss battle was the easiest in FF history.

skipped FF11....didn't bother to buy ne HDD for my PS2...

and FF12 didn't suck...I actually liked it the battle system...the story was a lil dry ...but the main failure was Character development...

Balthier should have been the main character instead of Vaan
-GametimeUK-  +   2498d ago
It may of been because I had my new X-bawx and Wii that I never gave FF12 a fair shot... It bored me quite close to the start of the game... Luckily my PS3 is 60gb so I guess I will give FF12 another shot... Might aswel :-)
lordgodalming  +   2498d ago
Never played XI, but I have to say I love XII. It's weird that when XII came out, most reviewers thought it was great, but now that it's been out for awhile, people seem to hate it more than IX (which I also loved). Uh oh, I feel a list of 3D FF faves coming on:
1. FFX
Sorry about that. Anyway, the only complaint I can lodge against XII is freaking Yiazmat. Not only does he have 50mil HP, they added a damage cap at 6999 when you get him down to a certain percentage of health. Took me 5 hours to beat him the first time. Hope you enjoy it on your PS3 as much as I did on my PS2. Game on.
TheForgotten0ne  +   2498d ago
Finaly, I have been asking for retro reviews for a long time! But I have to admit, I didn't look at this as retro, then I was talking back to the SNES and NES time.

But, I have to agree a lot with this review, it is a great game indeed!
Itrguy001  +   2498d ago
loved ffx but playing blitzball ugh i hated those "minigames"
King2008  +   2498d ago
I have loved FF since VII
but why no love for VIII...I mean the story, the characters were all memorable. The gunblade was the first weapon i've seen in a game and said I want that. The FMV were also fantasic.

Now on to one of my favorites in the FF universe was FFXI. That game also gets no love. Maybe because it was my first MMORPG but I played it religiously for 3 years and never got tired of it. It was great fun and shouldn't be dismissed....now on to FFX-2. I bought it, played it, beat it, meh feeling afterward. I've played and beaten every FF since VII and only FF XI totally captured my complete devotion and attention.

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