Resident Evil 5 Has Downloadable Content? Writes..........

What kind? Don't know yet, but the product page on Xbox Japan confirms Resident Evil 5 will have some kind of downloadable content. Perhaps, downloadable tanks or Jeeps for the zombies not riding dirtbikes.

The product page also sprinkles a few other details such as system link only works with 2 players, not 2-16 like some proposed box art claims. Resident Evil 5 also has online rankings and supports custom soundtracks just in case you want to blast zombies while listening to Hannah Montana. We're not judging or anything, the contrast might even be a riot.

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chaosatom3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

oh boy. here comes the articles claiming exclusivity of DLC.

I refuse to buy DLC, except when it is really good. I would most likely for developers to move on. The only thing they can add are Multiplayer things, and nothing to the single player. So that's Why. Also RE is not a multiplayer game imo generally speaking.

Powertesties3615d ago

...can mean anything. Themes and wallpapers are considered downloadable content. To think there won't be any would be silly.

If we all use our commonsense then we wouldn't need stories like this.

-GametimeUK-3615d ago

DLC screw it... Halo is a prime example of how DLC sucks... LBP is another with its latest rip off MGS pack... This gen the dev's are like relentless spider monkeys!

RebornSpy3615d ago

DLC is not always multiplayer stuff. Many games like Oblivion, Fable 2, and Mass Effect have single player dlc. My guess is that RE5 dlc will be secret missions or something.

Mwaan3615d ago

It would probably be extra costumes or some ridiculous weapons. There's nothing wrong with that.

Cerberus_Hunter3615d ago

They already in the game.

"Resident Evil 5 is literally packed with unlockables: additional costumes, secret weapons, Xbox 360 achievements & PS3 trophies, infinite ammo bonuses, dozens of virtual action figures to collect, an addictive “Mercenaries” mini-game, and even a hidden Professional difficulty level – and this is just a brief overview of what you can expect."

dragunrising3615d ago

Depending on which version has downloadable content will determine which version I get. I've used this line of thinking since becoming a multi-console owner. The reasoning is that I like to get as much out of my games as possible even if its trivial. And yes, I did buy Oblivion horse armor and felt very bad about it; then again I put 150+ hours into the game...

RebornSpy3615d ago

I definitely don't mind. Whether it's extra multiplayer maps or new missions and story, I love adding new life to the games I already have as opposed to buying new ones.

This gen it's not a matter of whether or not a game will have dlc, but how good the dlc will be.