Girls of Gaming | Part 2

QuakeCon 2005. Ms. QuakeCon, to be exact. How is it that the top 3 finalists, all came from the same team? Simple, it is because they are the girlz 0f destruction (g0d).In October 2001, Alana "Ms. X" Reid had began playing Rocket Arena 3 (a mod for id Software's Quake III Arena). "I had so much fun on the servers, and the whole idea of clans and competing was very interesting to me. I wondered if girls played, and came across the Qgirlz, which was Trillian, Deeay, and others. They seemed a bit inactive and such, so I figured I'd try to find other girls and start a team."

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Syko4314d ago

The biggest problem I notice is when a girl starts talking on xbox live it gets one of two reactions, Either it goes completly silent and all the kids freeze or you get the jerk ass who thinks he just found his next girlfriend because he hasn't talked to a girl in years\ever. This is why most of the girls don't even bother with the mic 90% of the time, As I would imagine that act gets tired quick. Hell every time my wife plays UNO I get 20 friend request from a bunch of tards.

I just wish there was more girls on because I get sick of hearing all the jaw jacking from guys who can only flex their virtual muscles and make it a point to let you know it...Thank god for that Mute button

grifter0244314d ago

This is funny the picture is totally funny .. Wonder if she's having fun on the dashboard. ...On a more serious note.. It's fine to play uno and just mute them it's easy as that syko.. But if their getting into the competitive game then they are going to get trash talked just like the rest of us. Hell my last tourney I heard this girls clan talk hella trash to some guy team. Did anyone say anything about it?? NO because it's a competititve place. So when I play I dont give them any remorse just another person for me to kill. But LIke you said on games like uno and others it seems pretty sad that kids do that but noone can stop it too bad. And as far as the quake girls go Im glad they got their even thought the hit boxes are massive... Good job ladies I still think their noobs though .Hit boxes the size of alaska.

ammojoe4314d ago

And can you believe that some of them pay for those big hit boxes? I'm not complaining though.. Giggity, Giggity, Giggity!

WarEagle134314d ago

all those chicks were busted...(except the little asian)

deadeyes994313d ago

Everytime i encounter a girl playin' games she's always super horny, i dunno what's wrong with these ppl, other than the fact that they are playin games haha