IGN: Ultimate Shooting Collection Review

IGN writes: "The contents of an "ultimate shooting collection" might differ from gamer to gamer, but there are some highlights everyone might expect to see included. Ikaruga, Gradius, Raiden, R-Type, 1942, Mars Matrix, Dodonpachi… There are loads of beloved shmups out there. But publisher UFO's idea of the Ultimate Shooting Collection is apparently just three obscure games from one developer. Karous, Radio Allergy, and Chaos Field are all arcade shooters from developer Milestone. Only Chaos Field was released in the U.S. -- it arrived on the GameCube in 2005 (IGN gave it a 6). So right from the start, this game gets off on the wrong foot with a very misleading title. In Japan, the compilation is called Milestone Shooting Collection -- a much more appropriate name."

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