News Roundup: New Capcom Game, Sony Cuts Back, and Killzone 2 is Out in the Wild

Today's roundup starts off terribly sad, but the final story helped us get through it.

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SirLarr3406d ago

I really like this international movement from capcom.

Viewtiful3406d ago

I'm really excited to see what they're going to be putting out.

LightningPS3PS33406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

It's becoming obvious that they are in trouble. Many websites are already declaring that PS3 finished in last place this gen, and you can't really blame them.

Even their future proof comment, doesn't make much sense. PS3 doesn't have too many advantages over XBOX 360 other than Blu ray. And gamers don't buy gaming console for HD movies, they do so for games, and that will still be true 100 years from now.

to me the problem is obviously price, it's a gen of multi console games and there's no need to buy a PS3 when there's an XBOX 360 at a much more affordable price.

So I would say "Sony cut the PS3 price", but obviously they can't or they would of done so already instead of letting the PS3 die they way it has been. Obviously, the PS3 still costs too much to make, for whatever reason, probably blu ray.

Damn blu ray, you killed the playstation brand.

ChilliDemon3406d ago

"You add that to the fact that PS3 isn't selling much software".

I'm sure it's selling software to the console owners. We bought it to run software, after all.

ThatArtGuy3406d ago

The gaming division is the one division at Sony doing *well*. I doubt they'll be doing too much to it.

jay23406d ago

Xbox 360 killed HDDVD

jay23406d ago

CC's games an multi platform MMO.